DIY - Plumbing repair that should have cost thousands, fixed by making a "hellraiser fleshlight" to clear my homes clogged main sewage line.

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  1. What next, sympathy for the owners of the buggy whip factories?

  2. Don't forget the silly walks

  3. And every confirmed kill comes with a $5 Tim's card.

  4. Card must be activated on the app, which then reports GPS.

  5. I knew t-swift was a psy-ops plant...

  6. Ah the 'he who smelt em, deal em' climate change gaslighting

  7. You know since you brought it up I just wanted to say that cooking with gas is patriotic and superior to electric because… feelings.

  8. Oh great... My post history has become an instruction manual >.<

  9. Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware of that. I just saw UniFi AP and I’m just like “oh snap, gotta have it”.

  10. If you have support issues, or don't like the idea of that ap phoning home, consider flashing it with openwrt

  11. Wait, you can flash those with openwrt?!

  12. Quite a few of the ubiquity APs can be

  13. I've done this for (non boot) Ceph in a r720, works well!

  14. Since noise is an issue, choose your form factor carefully.

  15. Depends on how you quantify better, power draw should be about the same, if rpi4 can hit the maximum usb 3 speeds, you won't see much speed difference for a single ssd drive. Maybe some differences around firmware stuff like trim and smart status.

  16. I'm leaning towards happy tree friends...

  17. Ayr has it. And half the time it makes a hazardous mess of things.

  18. It's a little more complex now, the argument is more along the lines of: do I get an offline installer, and is an internet connection required to play?

  19. Don't do it. Get a reasonably decent router.

  20. With proper scouting, according to market conditions even.

  21. Further proof that all you need to be a gop candidate (or president) is a pulse, and a con game

  22. Really, with all the bullshit going on right now in the world, this is somehow newsworthy?

  23. U remember those old RTS games had unit responses when u click them few time? (Red Alert series afair)

  24. Someone needs to add this to openra

  25. I feel personally attacked! :D

  26. Haven’t ever seen a convincing answer either aside from something like BOINC that is just inherently compute heavy.

  27. Hey, I'm heating with BOINC...

  28. That's nun of your business

  29. That is a forsaken I would submit to. If I get belly rubs.

  30. The grave is no bar to my pets

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