1. It’s normal to have these thoughts and it doesn’t make you a bad person, but it is possible that not properly dealing with these thoughts can lead to jeopardizing your relationship with food and your body.

  2. Summer Fridays SPF doesn’t show whatsoever on my darker partner.

  3. If you have a lot of counter space and will be able to easily reach for it, I’d say go for it. It’s nice to have but totally not necessary. If you have to put it in a weird spot due to limited counter space then meh because it gets a bit inconvenient.

  4. Try Reclaim for calendar automation.

  5. Every time I read a new piece of information I become exponentially more disgusted with the situation and that piece of shit owner.

  6. Okay but honestly, I can’t survive without lists. They help me so much! I’d forget everything I have to do without a to-do list. I don’t use them in my day-to-day but I absolutely use them for work and it made work so much better and easier for me.

  7. While it helps me too, it certainly does not solve everything like neurotypicals think it will.

  8. Honestly… That top looks pretty horrible. The cut is horrendous and it looks so frumpy, the seam under the bust looks super weird, so much excess material… It literally looks like forever 21.

  9. I think a big part of this is that when you first start medication, it absolutely DOES have that effect for a lot of people… BUT that tends to go away after a few weeks when you stop noticing how different you feel.

  10. Aritzia doesn’t have wedding or formal event-appropriate dresses. Their dresses are too casual for the majority of weddings.

  11. Have you tried swiss meringue buttercream? It’s my favourite.

  12. I can’t remember exactly but TMJ of sorts. My jaw would lock all the time.

  13. I was also thinking of seeing a physio too. Do they actually work within your jaw and then give you exercises to do?

  14. Yes!! It was life changing. Highly highly recommend. My jaw is legitimately almost as good as new haha there’s still a little something off but I never get lock jaw or pain.

  15. That’s a good example! Where do you like to eat there?

  16. Honestly everything I’ve had there was great.

  17. I just sit wherever I feel like sitting and accepted that most of the time I’ll only be using my laptop screen instead of the extra screens I’d have if I were at my desk.

  18. Removed: You must include a product list in the comments

  19. I didn’t notice this until the point I made the post. Had I seen it immediately I would’ve taken them back. The sales people told me to wear them around the house for a bit to make sure I’m happy with them, so that’s not a concern.

  20. The overlapping stitches are normal and the spot where the ends of the welt meet is normal too. If you would exchange them the next pair would look the same.

  21. Yeah I’m only referring to the spot where the ends of the welt meet! Ty for the link

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