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  1. I think people are just on here saying whatever bc they don’t get picked as often as they would like to. I’m tier 9 and haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

  2. I haven't even gotten a survey since I became level 9 - I understand having a dry spell with boxes but I went from almost weekly surveys to absolute silence for months.

  3. Yeah but how much blame should be assigned to her for lying to herself. Why was she going over browser history etc… looking at bank statements?… That means the relationship was over the second she didnt trust him enough to not look at his browser history.

  4. Going through two rough pregnancies isn't consenting to your partner cheating on you. Not getting as much action as you want isn't an excuse to betray and potentially endanger your partner's health over.

  5. I got some from a TJ Max and liked it - it has a really nice bright, citrus scent and a little goes a long way.

  6. That's a lot of words defending a pedophile. Cute little anecdote at the end there, though 👌

  7. If you really still can't understand the difference between pedophilia and POCD - I don't know what to tell you. Enjoy being willfully ignorant I guess?

  8. I know what OCD is. I have it. I know what pedophilia is. I was a victim of someone who had it. POCD is a pedophile who has OCD. If you still believe that someone who impulsively and compulsively thinks about sexually abusing kids is safe to be around them, you're the one who's willfully ignorant. Have a nice day.

  9. I'm really sorry to hear you also have been a victim, unfortunatly I can relate. I'm sorry if I came across as unkind. I can understand why a personal experience could effect your view on this subject and while we disagree no internet argument is worth tearing someone down.


  11. That's more then I spent on my wedding. My catered wedding, for 100 people, at a nice venue. To be fair it was 9 years ago but still - I can't comprehend spending that on a birthday party.

  12. Do you have children already and that's why you're not using the other two bedrooms? Or are you planning on taking in three or more children?

  13. No bios and planning on starting with just 1 goster kiddo at a time. The two smaller rooms are a guestroom with a built in murphy bed and an office for my husband who works from home. My current plan is just to turn the master into a kids room after we move our room to the converted garage.

  14. Are you already licensed? Why not start your foster kids in a room already set up, make sure you’re up for fostering, and get some help from your agency about which rooms are okay. If you’re licensed you can certainly ask your agency.

  15. Not yet, we're hoping to start the process this summer but in the meantime I'm trying to figure out some logistics and educate myself as much as possible.

  16. This...sounds like part of a bad Lifetime movie. Knocking over counter displays, kicking children, unintelligible screeching? So over the top.

  17. Miser, Brute, Simp, whatever that is cause El Oh El I'm a silly old man who doesn't understand the horrible kids these days.

  18. I love how he's only ever noticed rude, entitled people recently. Like it's something the youths invented.

  19. Where is their energy for Matt? He screamed in Colleen’s face multiple times and also packed his bags? Why aren’t they dragging his toxic behavior?

  20. The only reason I can think of is because they are afraid he's going to snap. Colleen looked so uncomfortable during the reunion and the way the other girls stressed that all they care about is if she's happy felt very pointed.

  21. Cole has such dumb gold retriever energy and I feel like I just watched everyone beat a puppy during finale and reunion. Like yeah, they were horribly mismatched for each other and he was very stupid but that doesn't mean he deserved to be treated like that. The amount of outright contempt Zanab showed toward him was painful.

  22. Yeah what botanist said during their conversation rubbed me the wrong way. Cause he doesn't get that it's 100% her choice no matter what. What he's implying by "only one time" is that if she has an unwanted pregnancy a second time, he will force her to keep it. Big red flag. Actually blaring sirens at this point.

  23. I'm curious about his opinion on how many abortions a man is "allowed" to participate in. Like you get one mistake then you have to get a vasectomy? Or is it just women who have to keep count and have consequences?

  24. While he is insufferably full of himself he seems like he could genuinely be a good partner once you get past all the posturing. I imagine he's also playing it up a bit for the camera.

  25. The fact that he doesn't even show a fraction of that temper to Cole when confronting him and immediately believes him was a pretty big red flag when compared to how he treated her. I won't say he for sure will turn aggressive but I would't be surprised by it.

  26. Hard disagree. As a parent of a child with a disability, Nancy did INCREDIBLE damage by suggesting/normalizing abortion due to something like a Down Syndrome diagnosis. I’ll forever fight for her right to get that abortion for whatever reason she personally decides, but it’s incredibly harmful to the social dialogue surrounding the worth of people with disabilities.

  27. Your daughter is so lucky to have you in her life and I'm sure she is an absolute gift. But not every parent is equipped to handle situations like yours and I don't think ignoring that is helpful. Think about how many children with profound disabilities are languishing in our foster care system right now. It's devastating. I don't think Nancy was trying to speak to the value of a disabled child's life but more about knowing her own limitations.

  28. He's conventionally attractive but so is she. The idea that he thinks he's so out of her league is insane. He clearly has a type and can't seperate his preferences from the objective truth that she's beautiful. He gives me "relationship advice" podcast guy vibes and that alone is enough to negate any physical traits for me.

  29. I dunno, I kinda felt that Andrew was feeling smug because she didn’t pick him and he could see it wasn’t working out. He was really enjoying when Bartise came over being all drunk and insecure, and I’m not sure it had anything to do with Nancy…

  30. I really wanna know if his sister has raised a child with disabilities.

  31. Somrthing tells me his vision of being mentally tough enough includes assuming that she would handle most of the day to day aspects of raising that child.

  32. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too. Her sudden tonal shift from “I always felt more polyamorous” to suddenly saying “I see now that polyamory is just an excuse to live a life of sin” was extremely jarring. That was not even a month after her first post.

  33. Yeah, some of the language just feels out of place. The sin angle really tipped it over for me.

  34. Same. I'm not a fan of animal print and none of the spoilers looked exciting.

  35. Not only that. Why the ruse about wanting to wear it to begin with? If this true, then why not just tell OP from the beginning?

  36. That style of necklace is also very unlikely given the timeline.i can't remember the brand off the top of my head but it looks identical to some jewelry we carried at my job like a year or two ago.

  37. There is a picture of the necklace? I must be blind, I can't find a link in either the original or the updated post. Or is it in the comments?

  38. Comments in the first thread. Even if I'm wrong about the brand - pave halos, rose gold, and opals were not the big thing 15 years ago - the idea that some boy would pick that out to go with his insult is ridiculous.

  39. I'm actually really excited about that mascara too - I picked it while half asleep and angry about not getting the honey drops so it was a really pleasent surprise when I looked up the reviews.

  40. Similar question but I'm hoping to turn a 2 car garage into a master suite - any idea what I should expect in terms of price?

  41. She 100% isn’t an AH or the devil. Before you give the baby up, you need to make sure that’s what you want before people pay money for you to take care of that baby. If the bio mother wants her, she needs to pay all that money back in cash and then some.

  42. It's more complicated then that. It's not just a contract, it's a child. And the act of separation is traumatic for both the birth mother and the baby.

  43. Most reputable agencies have a roll over policy for situations like this and those costs count for the next placement attempt.

  44. Nah her callousness makes her an asshole, not her boundaries.

  45. I don't disagree that her approach is ugly but I don't think she owes that kid anything. Which I get sounds awful. I do not think she's a good person. But I don't think she's wrong to be honest with herself and her husband. It's better that she's the villian now and get it over with then drag that kid through her being the wicked step mother. The chances of this going well, even if she was willing to take it on are...not great. She just had a baby, she doesn't have a support system nearby, it's out of birth order, the kid probably has trauma, who knows if the birthmother is involved at all, her husband just signed on for 5 more years, and she had no idea this kid existed. The more firm she is about her decision the better so they can work on finding the best outcome for the kid. Which clearly is not her.

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