Russian precision engineering

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“Deep Sleep” by me

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  1. Nice little bike he’s got there. He’s proud of it. 👍👍

  2. That no amount of success, money, or hotness is worth putting up with an abusive relationship.

  3. It’s old and fooked mate. Time for a new one.

  4. Just no more democracy, doesn’t seem to work, does it?

  5. Lol. Probably, but we will never have it. Will we?

  6. Lol, gun drills wander, it's no big deal. Most of the meat in the walls past the chamber are there more as a stabilizing mass than for pressure containment.

  7. Probably the best reply here so far.

  8. Needs more info, like how deep is the hole, what is the diameter, is it forged? Jeez too much going on to be able to comment really.

  9. Love this guy, always have, I’ll never be 1/10th of the warrior he was. Legend.

  10. It’s a shithole, you will be severely disappointed.

  11. Meanwhile in Australia…..

  12. His company makes $20 million a year. He also owns another shop/company. This Haas was 97k with the options they got. Also directly across from it there's another Haas just like it with an unbroken window. So I'll just get him to look at that instead.

  13. Wow, so I guess it’s ok to not give a fuk then? If I was your boss you’d be gone lad.

  14. You can knurl, and grind a drill.

  15. Why post a link that you have to subscribe to? What’s the point? Ffs

  16. Going to Wimbledon and drinking pimms… cunts.

  17. I may know someone, how much per week/ month?

  18. Sounds par for the course here in the Uk

  19. Yawn…. Nice try, I expect you’ll do nothing other than feather your own nest, one more parasite who can’t be bothered to even put together a decent video.

  20. Met a girl, moved country to be with her, for 4 years, got married, had to return to my home country for work, she stalled, said she would come later, she then ghosted me, haven’t heard anything for 3 years…. Fortunately… she was a absolute nightmare, done me a favour.

  21. Castelli = sizing for Italian climbing machines, not us chubby western types…. edit… for reference I’m 5’10, @ 90kg. XXXL for me.

  22. As previous comment, titanium hates being formed, or cold pressed, it’s easy to crack. Can you mill / drill what you want?

  23. I heard it’s full of cunts this year…

  24. My Chinese ex was a nightmare, just like this. She knows what is up, let her go.

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