1. If youre hell bent on using street view as a source you should try the northern lakes region. Isole Borromee, Isola Comacina, Bellagio, Bellano and such places have many old villas. I'm sure you can track down the best looking old laketowns with Google.

  2. No no, ci mancherebbe. Sei un borghese e voti per la tua classe, dunque ottimo PD e ancora meglio Calenda

  3. Chiedo sgus, ma Calenda mi pare abbia in programma anche il salario minimo, non mi pare sta gran borghesia

  4. Le prime misure di welfare le fece Bismarck, non esattamente un marxista leninista

  5. Puoi dirmi cosa ci trovi di tanto borghese nel resto del suo programma? Perché spocchiosità a parte a me sembra valido

  6. Star wars good guys are incredibly boring, that's why story and merch focus so much on the bad guys

  7. I know of a guy that got boosted from 1.5 to 4k, dropped back to 2.5-3k, dunno if he's still getting boosted every now and then.

  8. Looks awesome! Been sitting on a similar project myself for a couple months, did you consider padding the inside of the speakers?

  9. My headcanon is that elemental songs transcend time and space, this is why you can use them to warp

  10. He's just thinking with portals

  11. It really makes you feel like you're depressed

  12. The fact you're even considering buying a "gaming phone" makes me think you'd be better off with getting the phone than the PS5.

  13. Or, or, hear me out....municipalities could not spend that money at all on hostile architecture and put it towards programs and housing for the homeless. Your opinion just supports tax dollar use for one segment of society which benefits a generally well off segment.

  14. No. Most homeless people don't want any help and are mentally ill to some degree. They literally refuse help and flee from social assistance and shelter homes. It's not uncommon for homeless people to be violent criminals either.

  15. Remember when someone tried to make astrology about feminism?

  16. I’m a feminist who believes in astrology. It’s more about personal reflection than it is about controlling others. Something men don’t seem to know all too much about.

  17. No, it's just something men are generally skeptical about that was turned into a divisive argument when some years ago articles like "why do cis white men hate astrology?" started popping up

  18. Q giving magic immunity from level 1 is bullshit, should be a shard upgrade

  19. Whatever, I won't tip. Ever.

  20. I'd move one of the top fans to the front, positive air pressure is always better, keeps your case less dusty

  21. Che le premesse sono ottime, ma temo che quei due partiti al massimo possano prendere un 5%

  22. Mah guarda, io non sottovaluterei l'effetto brunetta. Sicuramente c'è una corrente di destra che vede in calenda come papabile.

  23. This exact post has been made in every single patch in the last 10 years

  24. Manual fanboys are a thing only in the USA. The rest of the world drives stick, that's just the norm.

  25. MCU fanboys can't handle the truth

  26. A perfect example would be "side" characters like MJ and Ned in the spiderman movies. They go on with their little side quest that has no point but provide filler content and they're left unscathed every single time against all odds. Normal people die in thousands in catastrophic explosions and destroyed buildings, those guys just get a free plot armor pass while providing absolutely nothing.

  27. Eh, it's just a dick, im sure it's not that big of a deal for most people.

  28. This is why I still think you can only gain MMR with playmaker heroes. Pos2-3 are a lot more fun in general, especially 3 if you play sun mommy.

  29. Small tech reviewers resell their samples or are just obligated to send them back to the manufacturers.

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