1. Nice haul! How are you liking the tray and the towel?

  2. LOVE THEM. Perfect for the bedside table!

  3. Nooo, I had them in my box but decided to get something else! Just wanted my Reddit FFF family to know one was available! :)

  4. Not much Uber or Lyft in the area! If you’re staying in downtown gatlinburg, everything is in walking distance! Always recommend scouting what you’d like to do- you won’t be able to do it all! Book in advance if possible! The end of February is when spring breaks starts!

  5. Just booked at Old Creek Lodge; any good??

  6. This is my favorite hotel in the area. You’ll love it. Jacuzzis in some of the rooms and a fireplace too. Not all though. You’re in walking distance of most things!

  7. We’re excited now because of all of y’all comments and advice! We booked the biggest suite with both of those amenities, I’m pumped now!!

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