1. “I thought if I shot myself in the neck, it would be bad enough to put me in the hospital. I had no idea I’d die” idiot

  2. Yo you said this is ammunition that is unfired? Is this upper brand new? If so, I had a Sionics upper do something very similar and was a tad concerned. I field stripped the upper, cleaned it very well and then lubed everything again which resolved my issue.

  3. If you want my personal opinion, because the price that this commands (if the screenshot is true, 15k) can buy a rifle, optic, a night vision monocular and probably still have money for a laser.

  4. Please put it on a mk18. I’ve had the desire to do it since I first saw this suppressor and thought it would be hilarious.

  5. Oh look, the next S&W prototype. I want one

  6. This is a production keltec firearm. Been released for a couple, maybe several years at this point.

  7. Those artisan, 7 inch tall ones from boutique joints. Guys I cant even take a bite out of this, if you expect me to fork and knife a burger, I’m out.

  8. Either she sees this, goes to therapy and actively starts to work on herself while you both go to marriage counseling or you’re gone. That is unacceptable behavior. I say try your best to work it out if their is a true relationship somewhere or seeing a marriage like that is going to be a bigger detriment on your children then divorce.

  9. No, multiple people shoot him mere seconds after his statement. There’s a video.

  10. I literally can’t even with that SUPER cute rear sight 😍

  11. Didn’t care about repainting it, swapping to railed dust cover in the near future.

  12. I did but it won't let me put that background picture that everyone has

  13. Put the Imgur link in the post, the first picture in the album will be the “background” picture.

  14. Do you also have memory issues? If so, how do you work around it?

  15. Sticky notes, reminders on phone, timers, mark even slightly important stuff on the calendar.

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