1. It’s well produced, but something in the harmony isn’t sitting quite right. There’s a bit of a disconnect between the chords and vocals. Other than that, solid production and a really fun track. Keep it up!

  2. traditional Japanese melody fits perfectly in this track, I like it, because i know how hard could mix it together

  3. sound unusual, interesting, I like it

  4. your vocal is already cool, like from big artist

  5. on my system sounds little lack of bass, and maybe too much mid-high frequences

  6. hard to judge cause i don't know undeground scene so much

  7. maybe u should add more divercity in second part, one additional melody or something

  8. mmm. some British style, it really feels throuht the track

  9. Honest opinion about your keyboard. I’m looking to buy one with loop capabilities, how do you like the m-audio so far?

  10. the entire upper part is useless as for me, and the touchpad on the left is very tight, I don’t use it, you just need to really hard hit the buttons. The keyboard is good, but without registration of pressing force, only speed. I took this model because it was the cheapest keyboard with 61 keys)

  11. Twitch is one of the most strict platforms all over the internet, it can't be real

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