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  1. Remember when they tied that white lady up and beat her until she said her name was Toby Karen?

  2. It’s good to see a human go through that process, instead of staying stuck in a certain way of thinking.

  3. I get to fuck and die. I think this is a massive win for me

  4. Don't want to die a virgin - also don't want to fuck someone named 'bloody mary'

  5. If you're talking about the Netflix Waco series when he has his 10 minute, generator powered worship rock concert with the spot lights on him and everything, he was having sex with everybody in America. That's why Mitch, the lead FBI tactical guy, can't look anyone in the eyes... he's ashamed

  6. Having sex is bad for you... So I will take on the responsibility of fucking your wives. You're welcome.

  7. Will basketball ever figure out how to fix its endgame? It should be the most exciting part of the game - look at how exciting close soccer matches and hockey games are at the end, non-stop action. But basketball is just tedious, endless fouling. It honestly keeps me from being much of a fan even though the game when it's good can be really fun to watch.

  8. Are they actually wearing switched ties in the movie or is this a shop?

  9. Yes, Malfoy and Potter's relationship is canon.

  10. For the peiple don't know. This is actually a real thing, this is the animefied version of that real life photo. (but in the irl version they all were males)

  11. I've tried several times to make edits on music related articles but the amount of work seemed too ridiculous.

  12. This sounds like someone representing themselves in court. "So basically the ostrich wanted it".

  13. Buys the most ridiculous set of bolt-ons and then buys a dress 4 sizes to small and is surprised it doesn't fit.

  14. Actually I think the russian flag was inspired by the dutch flag, so that womans got a point

  15. It literally says to replace a word with 'retarded' and each one of you dumbfucks managed to fuck that up. Amazing.

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