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  1. This looks like 70% of neighborhoods where I lived in Wilmington NC

  2. They made Jackson a whining manchild the second they got married

  3. No problem. Great album by the way I fully recommend it if you like crunchy guitar rock

  4. I actually listened to the album after reading the comments here and really liked it! I’m a music fanatic so I’m actually surprised I hadn’t heard of them before. Glad I asked about the shirt!

  5. I'm glad man...classic album for sure The Wagon is my favorite

  6. You will feel better about this later. I'm sorry this is so rough for you right now.

  7. Also you are doing great and I really applaud you for doing something so hard. Letting go of things like that (especially digitally when you can't get them back) takes tremendous mental energy and you're taking a big step towards a life with freedom from obsession.

  8. I don’t know you but can you please message me? I won’t take up much time I just need someone to talk to while I do this that’s it

  9. Yeah man. I'll be awake for like ten more minutes

  10. I’d be fine with it if I was, but I’m at a Hilton!!!

  11. I knew it. I used to work at the Hampton and our coffeemakers always did this.

  12. The one where she sleeps with Christopher. Any of them.

  13. Market street was only deigned for crackheads to walk down not actual cars, avoid it at all cost

  14. While you're on this subject, be careful driving at night on Market Street bc a lot of people will cross the street wearing dark clothes and making no attempt to be seen

  15. Are those North Carolina plates? It all makes so much sense now. I swear we have the worst, most unapologetic drivers in the country

  16. No. We have shootings all the time/people getting killed in the downtown area. Really bad sex trafficking. Weather is miserable hot in the summer and somehow still humid in the winter... Residents are mostly rich college kids, aging transplants or rednecks. I hate it here and am so grateful to be moving next month

  17. Dean is the patriarchy. He's the protector and the provider. He's the white picket fence and 2.5 kids.

  18. Damn this is intelligent. You should do YouTube videos

  19. Whatever you do, just don’t listen to 98.7. Might be the worst radio station in America

  20. Lmao it used to be so good though....I remember being 12 and listening to them play new albums from artists like The Smashing Pumpkin from start to finish when they would first come out. The DJs had likable personalities and the radio bumpers weren't so repetitive...I miss those days.

  21. Sex addict here, two and a half years in recovery. Biggest benefit for me came from long term one on one therapy, attending sex addicts anonymous, getting a sponsor and working the twelve steps.

  22. Love to hear that... it's awful seeing people come down on themselves and repeat the cycle due to feeling like shit. There is another way

  23. Market street has some good places (i.e. Avalon) but has dangerous activity at certain hours and some apartment complexes there are very drug ridden. The area by the University (Randall Parkway, New Centre Drive, etc.) is pretty bad with noise level and crime and I would honestly avoid it completely. The bugs there are terrible as well Aside from that I've mostly had good experiences. Avalon and Braxton Place are the good apartments I've stayed at. Crosswinds and Harbor Station Townhomes are the other places I've stayed and they were both filled with bugs and constantly breaking appliances. However Harbor Station Townhomes had a better sense of community and the people there weren't as stuck up as Crosswinds

  24. I had a cat that was as given up as a rescue when I got her. It was from frequent urinating in the home but we never had a problem with her. For crystals in the urine kitty needs more fluid. So she was put on a diet of purina pro plan urinary tract wet food only. No dry food. Problem resolved

  25. Thank you. We actually gave her some pumpkin yesterday and she liked it a lot and seemed to be feeling a little better. She is constipated a lot so that might be the culprit.

  26. I brought my cat in to Wilmington Animal Healthcare on Gordon just this morning for an emergency visit (cat had a hole in his leg). I have gone there for emergency calls previously as well, during regular hours. After hours or weekends it is just the emergency place.

  27. Watch out for the small landlords, most of them are skeevy as hell around here

  28. They will downplay or hide major issues and try to rip you off as much as they can.

  29. You can send your kids to school in Wilmington but you need to be an involved parent. A new documentary is coming about NHC schools. It’s about the pedophiles that the school board was aware of and how they let them keep teaching.

  30. This is for real. When I was a freshman in high school (2014) one of my peers was known to be having an affair with a teacher and he didn't get fired until this year (for looking up girls' skirts). Technically he wasn't even fired, but resigned.

  31. She told me not to tell my sister that my dad had throttled her (grabbed her by the neck and shook her while screaming in her face) while she was drunk before she blacked out.

  32. My fiance used to work for True Blue. I hope it was better for you

  33. Ooh. What’s the dirt on TB? Other then their overpriced baguettes and Italian loaf breads ☠️

  34. Just your standard shitty restaurant culture. Dishwashers were all stoners/creepy and the other employees were being worked to death

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