1. Around when are you visiting? I can send some lesser known art/events I think you’d find fun and community in.

  2. Nice!! Good time to visit. If you nail down a weekend and think of it, let me know. I update and find queer arts events for my job.

  3. Love the ocean blue, beautiful job 💙

  4. He’s 35… and maci is 31… so he was 20 and she was 16 when she got pregnant?

  5. I saw a plaque on someone’s office door that said “drama arts therapist” and I just don’t know about that.

  6. So she burned through her sick days over 8 months? Is that really burning through it? You get sick working with kids. If she’s picking up side babysitting jobs, she’s constantly exposed to different homes full of different germs. Working with kids, it just happens. You got her sick, you exposed her, and COVID needs to be treated separate from regular seasonal illnesses as well.

  7. Super cliche… but John stamos. My god.

  8. If you can’t negate my point without me giving you a by-the-minute rundown of every time Ana gets naked in a 3hr film, then you can’t really negate my point.

  9. Here’s my take: JCO’s books follow a certain pattern. Take, for example, rpe a love story. The story is traumatic and shifts perspectives, disgusting things are written in the narrative of disgusting people. I find her work to be quite meta in this way. Another example, babysitter. It’s written at times from the POV of mrded and assaulted children saying that thing was a redemptive act. Obviously this is the opinion of the sick killer. JCO’s narrations are so multilayered that yes, in ways blonde is hypersexualized trauma porn because that’s how JCO views the media narrative of MM not because that’s what the takeaway from the film is. I’d say the most common theme from her work is you feel worse after finishing, it hyperfixates on a problematic viewpoint to exploit your own implications.

  10. I’ve only read Zombie by Oates and a handful of short stories, but even knowing that little bit helped me set my expectations for Blonde. I’m sure this is a very unpopular opinion, but I think Blonde works really effectively and a lot, not all, of the negative response has to do with our expectations of a biopic versus what it was.

  11. I have read almost every novel and her memoir and knowing what i was getting in to, I loved it personally but understand a wider audience would not. It’s a shame because I like her so much, I hate that this would be seen as a reflection of her.

  12. It’s the far right for me 😍🤤

  13. My technique for deciding this was imagine each watch as a person and picking which one I’d go for first 💀

  14. My future mother-in-law would make every decision and I would only get to pick my dress with her approval. Lol.

  15. I love Chelsea but what the fuck is that fireplace with disco balls?!

  16. I have three cuts that look like scratches or nicks, like from a cat or shaving. They are red and scabbing over. The area above my eyebrows is raw. Break out hasn’t spread (yet) and hopefully it won’t. I was supposed to have a trial with my make up artist for my wedding tomorrow but postponed, not putting anything except Vaseline or aquaphor or a dermatologist recommended mask on my face until Monday. I have to wear make-up at work, but will keep it light and hopefully it’ll be okay.

  17. Do not follow any of this advice please. No offense, I know you meant well! 🙏🏼

  18. Thank you for meaning well though!!!

  19. Instead of saying “what?” Or “what did you say?” When asking me to repeat something, 2b always said “WHAT DID YOU SAY YO ME?” And it always sounded so funny and cute.

  20. This would be super interesting I’m in

  21. oooh i have a few- • glamnetic press on nails (around $15) • lush snow fairy products!!! i stock up around the holidays and use it whenever i need a pick me up throughout the year • those little $2 hask coconut oil hair masks • sugar scrubs from tj maxx/marshalls !! they’re usually $5.99 and they have so many different scents • tj maxx/marshalls blankets + pj sets <3

  22. Snow fairy is amazing!!! I love a good tj find

  23. I’ve had the same thoughts…. I miss the over the top wealth of other seasons

  24. Yep totally! But this person is just discussing their opinion and that’s ok, that’s why I’m asking what people think!

  25. Honestly think it’s stunning.

  26. I am so sorry on behalf of all the comments. I’m convinced people will find any shred of what you did “wrong” to comfort themselves into thinking it won’t happen to then. I will keep an eye out in the area for that car parked suspiciously and dm you like a good neighbor and half decent human being.

  27. Absolutely not. What if there was an emergency and I had to drive them to the hospital or something??

  28. Well I would never be in a state where I can’t drive after one white claw or glass of wine. Do you not have a glass of wine out at dinner and drive home sometimes? And If I didn’t feel sober enough to drive then I would call 911 and absolutely expect to be fired for drinking to a point where I couldn’t drive 😅 but again I would never get to that point :)

  29. I love being friends with my old MB from years ago. We go to the museum with kids, take them swimming, catch up. No harm in asking.

  30. Ease up on the density and length of the lashes. Less is more. I would also suggest less highlight, maybe try only the top of the nose and inner corner of eyes. Your brows are beautiful but shorten the ends a bit as to not pull your face down. Same thing with lining your lips, less is more. They are already beautiful and full. You are absolutely beautiful and your make-up is pretty, you’re just wearing so much more than you need in my opinion.

  31. It is and I’ve been where your at. Not wanting to introduce yourself to the new person. However, what if no one introduced themselves to us? We may not be here. It’s our/ my responsibility to make the newcomer feel welcome. We are thought the newcomer is the most important person at any meeting. If we/ I do not put myself out there for the newcomer, then I’m not doing my part. Yes it sucks that more leave than stay, and they go out there and die. But, if we don’t do our part and make them feel welcome. Less will stay and more will die. We suffer from a messed up disease. I hate this disease. But grateful for recovery. Today is the 3 year anniversary of the death of a guy I got clean with in 2009. Hurts today the same as it did the day I found out. I look at it like this. I cannot allow him to have died in vain. I stay clean for those I knew and love that died from our disease. Including my sister who passed in September 2021 from this disease.

  32. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. Stay strong

  33. Totally fair. I need to do my part. My sponsor’s sponsor told me one that if I thought the point of life was to try to avoid pain and prevent pain for others I was going to have a severely miserable life lol. That reminded me of that conversation and resonates.

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