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  1. Was going to comment that anything Cramer says you should do the exact opposite before watching the video, well played.

  2. And the never ending lucha libre type music

  3. But I completed the battle pass and i cant get them. It just says its unlocked

  4. Right, it says that for if or when you purchase the pass. When you do it will immediately grant you those rewards that were locked by not purchasing it.

  5. I let my kid play, I'm sorry

  6. Because America loves Football edit: no not soccer

  7. One of the realest shit I ever read

  8. The loot system needs work but finally COD doesn't hold your hand with giving everyone loadouts. Seriously, everyone running meta loadouts is just dumb for any royal

  9. I'm in the comments waiting for someone to tell me this is all a joke... But nope

  10. I'm curious about Uphold as well, I haven't really heard anything pretaining them to FTX?

  11. Hang on, I'm not picking on you specifically it's just your comment is a popular one. Money is never gone. It's simply transferred

  12. In some cases, yes, that money ends up in the pockets of someone. In FTX's case it's gone. They basically had phony leverage creating money out of nothing and when they crashed, they had zero liquidity to pay it back meaning it's gone.

  13. Welp, just know you are not alone. It'll bounce back, you still have the coin at least but I'd suggest getting off an exchange asap

  14. I think this is US vs China unconventional sabotage and right now China's winning

  15. Interesting.. What about the part on crypto monopolization?

  16. Just another front on the long list of things the East would like to dominate over the West. If Binance becomes the go to exchange for the world it'll be basically a federal reserve for crypto at that point. And knowing how everything in China has some kind of state influence, I'm sure Binance does too.

  17. This just keeps getting better and we're only on Day 2

  18. I need someone to explain to my smooth brain why an exchange being bought could crash the market like this

  19. Because it's not just one exchange buying another. FTX was supposed to be the "white knight" saving other troubled exchanges like Voyager but it turns out their "strength" was built on the "value" of their funkycoin $FTT: suddenly they need bailing out after Binance dumped their $FTT. Every time another exchange fails more little investors say "eff this, this is worse than real banks" and sell off their crypto holdings. Fewer retail investors = market goes down.

  20. While I agree, but FTX getting exposed like they did while short term, it's obviously a disaster for the crypto world, maybe long term it's a good thing.

  21. Philadelphia Phillies: Founded in the 1800s. Won first WS in 1980, second WS in 2008. 2 Titles. Still in Philadelphia.

  22. Tldr: Dude's wife cheated on him with someone from Philly

  23. I hope altuve gets rejected from the teacup ride at Disney. Peña is tits. Not mad to see dusty get his.

  24. I'm pretty sure Altuves going back to the chocolate factory

  25. Yeah, it's called Operation Stay TF Out Of Ukraine

  26. All the dudes simpin in the comments better buy some of those things they need 🤣

  27. I really hope every Russian commander or leader gets smoked by either a Ukrainian or a disgruntled Russian conscript

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