1. Aha! Det ar bra for henne och dig, men andra har inte en syster som jobba hos IKEA 😄

  2. It certainly makes it feel more substantial that's for sure!

  3. how much ml, would you say it needed to fill out 1 LK67 of silicone rubber DIY?

  4. Roughly 80ml total, 40ml of each part. And yes, the board benefits substantially and improves the sound and feel of any switch, especially some Gazzew switches.

  5. Thank you so much for the help! I will be ordering the silicone rubber DIY immediately 😊!

  6. Is 2mm thickness foam the biggest thickness you can put in the case? :)

  7. I am running A12X25 underneith my L12 and it’s blowing towards CPU

  8. I have just put mine in 60 degree celcius cycle washing machine. hope it survives haha. Wish me luck!Bought it used, so I wanted to make sure the germs dies xD

  9. Update! While it is still useable, I would categorize it as 'it did not survive!'. There is cardboard inside of it, which I wasn't aware of.

  10. Alright :( I can’t save it right? By changing out the Ground/Earth?

  11. After getting the SHP9500 for all purposes I prefer SHP9500. But back then when I bought them M50X it was because I was in a period where I listened a lot to EDM - and for that purpose M50X were amazing!

  12. I have pretty good experience with Behringer umc204hd with it’s MIDAS Preamp. Had it for 5-6 years and still going strong. Clean gain untill 75-80% with my Shure SM57. I was worried about purchasing Behringer in the beginning because of their reputation, but this product is good.

  13. Bought 70x Gazzew Bobagum silent linear 62g clear top switches from

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