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  1. I'm fairly new to yugioh to the point where i haven't even heard of these decks, could you explain why these decks are 60 cards instead of 40? What's their payoff for sacrificing consistency?

  2. The theory behind them is broadly that the 60 card piles had a minimum number of bricks (typically 2-3 combo pieces that would be gotten such as Artifact Scythe for Cybverse Eldlich, combo pieces for halq/auradon setups) so that if you max out on various engines you decrease the odds of you getting those 'bricks' while maxing out on various combo archetypes (tenyis, rose dragons, swordsoul, etc.). Basically, if any one card of an archetype meant you could access the full combo lines via Dagda/halqifibrax, then you max out on ways to reach those setups while minimizing the odds you brick off of the pieces you'd prefer to remain in the deck.

  3. Then Nibiru is even better since they don't even play Apollousa

  4. I don't know why people are downvoting you, this is correct. Unless Konami releases Tearlament with their DABL support (which is unlikely) then the upcoming Ishizu Tear deck is not going to have a super good way to get an early counter to nibiru up unless they're on the diviner/Baronne package which is certainly possible but also relies on them hard-drawing a 3-of rather than having a consistent early counter to the card.

  5. Rulkallos could stop nib. And she’s like the 4th summon of the play.

  6. I suppose that this means that you missed the bit about "unless Konami releases their DABL support" as being a key part about Nibiru's viability, since Rulkallos is from DABL.

  7. They did hit grass though, grass at 2 is basically unplayable unless you were already playing 58 other cards anyway

  8. Eh, I definitely wouldn't call grass at 2 unplayable. It's definitely currently not in a strong position in master duel, but in the OCG they've got grass at 2 and the 2nd best deck is using it as a Grass Earth-Goodstuff deck with Superheavy Samurais, Adamancipator and a bunch of other engines. It'd obviously be better if grass was at 3, but the deck is perfectly happy with grass at 2 right now.

  9. Tear weren't not the best deck in either formats until Ishizu Dropped

  10. In the TCG Spright and Tearlament were just about tied with each other in terms of strength post DABL (but before MAMA dropped). I do hope that Konami takes a hard swing against the Ishizu cards before they release the tearlament cards, mostly just because I think that it would be interesting to see how tearlament develops without having the inevitability of Ishizu-Tear being the best version of it.

  11. TBH I'd say looking at tops pre ishizu Tear was doing much better than Spright in the TCG.

  12. So yes, in the one YCS (Minneapolis) which was post DABL, pre-MAMA Tearlament did get a few extra tops (17 to 11, although several of the Tearlament players were also playing the spright engine iirc) but quite frankly that was a pretty unexplored format with most players already getting ready for Ishizu Tearlament at that point. I would not call that "much" better, but I would like to mention that I do think Spright was a bit underrepresented in top cut because there were a lot of very good players who were experimenting with the weird builds that Tearlament could have in that very specific format.

  13. i sure hope those labrynth lists aren't just floodgate city

  14. I mean they're generally running some (at least dimensional barrier because it hoses Branded and Kashtira, often skill drain) but broadly speaking they're not running as many as Eldlich was back a few formats ago.

  15. You had one semi-limit on Starter. Don't be disingenuous by claiming Toad and Union Carrier are cards fundamental to Spright's success. YCS Utrecht Oct. 2022 had Runick Spright top 1st place without either. Spright's continued success in the OCG where Toad is banned also says a lot about the archeype's brokenness.

  16. Okay so there are a couple of important things to note about all this.

  17. I don't mind that the deck is doing good, just as long as other decks can still stand a chance (aka not tier zero). Now where are all the people who said the last banlist went too far?

  18. I think that a lot of people here forgot that the OCG ban list is very different from the TCG one; I do not doubt that if Tearlament got the hits that it did in the OCG here then Tear would be dropped like a rock.

  19. I mean, when POTE hit in the tcg people called it the end of days, and claimed that it would be a 2 deck format. But there were plenty of other viable strategies during that time period. Mathmech was fantastic, rikka sunavalon was really good, exosister was a decent anti-meta option, although floo was better anti-meta, and @ ignister was also really good.

  20. Yeah, post-POTE in the TCG was generally fine (not great, but manageable in terms of meta) but DABL and MAMA pushed Tear (and to a lesser extent Spright) pretty far beyond the pale. I am worried for Spright in Master Duel, since the way that this game works it heavily promotes hand traps and Spright's hand trap variant that it saw in the OCG will probably be really really strong here. I hope that Konami comes out with a few premature hits like they did to the adventure engine, ideally knocking out the frogs for Spright and Snow for Tear, and then adjust as need be after that.

  21. You can play Branded under Shifter, but your Branded in Red won’t be live and Mirrorjade is a vanilla on field, so pretty much the only viable play is double Masquerade pass (arguably a pseudo-FTK against many decks to be fair)

  22. I mean you can just summon dragostapelia instead of mirrorjade under shifter with the same materials (Lubellion + Albaz). It's not great, but it's a half-decent interruption with the benefit of actually being insane against Spright.

  23. If they don’t have exactly Starter, having some way to remove their normal summon would be the best option, whether that be a bounce, banish (Mirrorjade), or Book of Moon (Snow pre-banlist)

  24. Well those are nice, but a single mirror jade loses vs. a nimble beaver/diva because those provide two bodies to clear while dragostapelia negates the summon and lowers the monster to level one. Also, the dragostapelia comment was about it working under shifter; a very common side deck card for Spright in the current & upcoming format, while mirrorjade just does not work under shifter.

  25. A third super polymerization + extra deck targets in Dragostapelia, Garura and mudragon would really help. Other than that, this is a fairly standard branded list. I'd suggest considering a branded banishment in place of one of the branded in reds and maybe an albion the shrouded dragon for card draw + searchability. Foolish burial is also a good starter if you feel like you need an extra way to get to aluber.

  26. Isn’t the quick play just D Barrier at home that also works on links

  27. Not really, since D-barrier is brutal against Tearlament and Branded but this will not really effect them much at all. Also monsters summoned after the card resolves can be used as material. Seems not great, in my opinion.

  28. People are utterly obsessed with pure aggravate when that teamcomp is shit for him. Take him with Yelan, Aether Dendro and Zhong and he'll utterly annihilate everything asap. 4TF works wonders in this team allowing twice the E casts. The comp Beidou/Fischl + him I honestly don't understand.

  29. Yep, that is the exact team I've been using for him at c0 r1 and the only problem I was running into in the abyss was that he was killing 12-2 too quickly to gain back full energy for 12-3.

  30. Can someone explain to me why chaos ruler was banned ? I don't do that much big tournaments (only locals) and don't really know in which deck it was problematic (it actually killed two of my three decks so I want to know why did he got hit ^^)

  31. Most likely to hit Punk/Tearlament pile decks, which abused the punk engine to summon Chaos Ruler to get insane value + a barronne. That being said, Tearlament survives this just fine, and dragon link gets hurt really hard (although that deck was mid tier-2 at best).

  32. Splight got a few massive hits about a month after the Ishizu cards came out, specifically Halq and Toad being banned.

  33. He's not playing any handtraps though so I for the life of me can't figure out why it's in there either

  34. The duelist said that he took out the hand traps last minute and completely forgot to remove psychic end punisher on the discord.

  35. Not until they get mirrorjade and branded fusion lol

  36. I mean sure, but that's not really even remotely a problem yet, Despia doesn't even have Guardian Chimera.

  37. Idk if this is an elaborate meme or if wight actually topped.

  38. It did, which was very funny to watch on stream

  39. Nerfing characters in gachas is forbidden. Do the math

  40. pretty sure this is actually a buff in Raiden comps, anyhow

  41. Only if she runs fin polearm, which is... why would anyone do that when the Catch exists?

  42. I hope you find this part of my proposal interesting. I once again need to apologize for taking so long. This was supposed to be a two part post, with the second part being a proposal for the TNO Civil Rights Movement. Sadly it is the part of American history I am least comfortable/knowledgeable with, so it is eating up a good deal of my effort. I want my proposal to do it justice, in no small part because I know that if I do not reddit will have my head.

  43. I'm not certain that the TUUL would exist in a word where the Right Opposition and Bukharin take power in the USSR, given that would mean Lovestone and the Right Oppositionists in the USA would remain in power, leaving Browder and co firmly on the sidelines, who were the main group promoting the TUUL. Plus, Lovestone and Dublinsky both organized within the CIO until they were ousted, which might not happen the same way if the CPUSA pursued a more moderate/reconciliatory line as the Right Opposition sought.

  44. In my TL as well as OTL, Browder's "Big break" came with the united front policy, which I still believe would be taken as a result of the Hitler shock. You are right that Lovestone would be in power longer because he would have chosen the winning side, but at the same time American communist politics were a chaotic mess from start to finish. The dirt that accumulates from being in power, plus his fortunes being tied to the ultimately failed Bukharin, plus the mess of rivalries and opportunists found in the CPUSA, means that I think Lovestone would have eventually been ousted in any case.

  45. Not to be a bother, but Lovestone enthusiastically pushed a United Front strategy (although he derided popular front strategies) during his years as a Communist. Although I do agree that accumulation of dirt over years in power is a valid thing against Lovestone, I don't see any reason why it would bring up Browder, who was closely associated with Foster and therefore the failed Stalin. Seems to me that it'd bring up some others who were aligned with Lovestone generally but lacked the dirt (maybe Dublinsky? I'd have to check my notes again for others).

  46. If you ban herald, you get the turn skip drytron build. While that is slightly more interruptible if you know what you're doing, turn skip Drytron is fucking awful to play against. Limiting Benten and banning Eva does more to actually deal with the problem cards in the deck by a lot.

  47. In theory it's a lightsworn deck, except that the Chaos Engine (Collapserpent/Wyverburster, chaos space) and Boss Monsters (Chaos Ruler, Chaos Creator, BLS Envoy, and Levianeer) carry more weight than its lightsworn cards, and the win condition is to play Grass and abuse how busted Snow is. All of the Lightsworn archetype's best cards are not Lightsworns.

  48. Hey, fellow chaos Lightsworn player! Good to see some of ya around here, and I’d love to see the deck get some more support in the future.

  49. I already hit plat 1, so i switched to my jank Sacred Beast deck. Once, i matched up against a fellow plat 1, turns out the they played Ra deck. The duel was... epic i must say.

  50. Switched to my Chaos Lightsworn deck when I hit Plat 1, but I swear that all the other plat 1s I play against are Eldlich/Drytron players. Like, I’m still going to try my best to win, but I’m not going to play vfd virtual world like I did to get to plat 1.

  51. Was there segregation in Louisiana under long?

  52. Yes, there was institutionally legally enforced segregation all across the Southern United States up and until the Civil Rights Acts throughout the 60s. Much of the discussion surrounding Long is based on a relative ambivalence and a general willingness to allow Louisiana Blacks to participate within social programs under his rule of the state. In general, Long was more progressive than other politicians in down in Dixie, but there's absolutely zero chance in hell that the AUS desegregates in Kaiserreich anytime close to when it happened OTL. The Civil Rights Movement was broadly unpopular even during its heyday across the US, and was especially so in the places where Long's regime is based in Kaiserreich.

  53. No, Manchuria was independent of China as a result of Japanese geopolitical fuckery, called the "Empire of Great Manchuria". It was an entirely artificial state propped up essentially to be a fiefdom run certain factions within the Japanese military, although over time their direct influence waned in the region as both Tokyo and the bureaucrats increased their own power in the region, alongside certain Zaibatsu.

  54. Well I suppose there's no reason NOT to.

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