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  1. Every time they put “hand it to me” but in their instructions they put leave at the door. I still take a picture and send it to them in a text. So there is proof the food was there.

  2. I got one starred for doing this the other day! They were trying really hard to get that free food lol

  3. Lol I got a one star from a customer because I took a photo of their order at their door when it said leave it at my door under hand it to me. They really wanted that free food and I prevented them from getting it. People suck

  4. I respectfully but strongly disagree. People are mentally ill in all societies. The reason the USA has so many shootings is because those crazies can get their hands on lethal weapons, because the country is awash in them. Guns are 100% the issue in mass shootings.

  5. They get them through the black market. It’s called ghost guns

  6. Get ghost guns off the streets. That’s the real issue here. How do people not know this?

  7. Lmaooooooo 😂😂 I hope you didn’t break your wrist.. very daunting task. Thanks for taking one for the team

  8. Have you considered he invites this? They would not be there if he didn’t allow it…

  9. I carry a signal jammer so I can be the only one who gets orders

  10. I hope someone prosecutes you. That’s super illegal. You deserve the $50k fine

  11. I've been following this from the beginning. Does anyone have any legal ideas to help these residents? Even help spread awareness to this man's actions?

  12. I unfortunately do not have the connections to help, but someone needs to!

  13. This infuriated me so much. These are people’s homes for generations and affordable housing in NY is scarce as it is. Storage units, seriously? On a lake? So they can flood? Making people homeless for that? Terrorizing these people and making them feel helpless in the process is disgusting. He deserves mountains of revenge poo that he can never remove it is so huge on his lawn. Best part it is an anonymous delivery service 🤣

  14. Low stock rating used to be forgiven. No longer.

  15. Makes no sense! How can we control that? Especially if we screenshot that customers don’t respond to replacement offers

  16. This actually happened to me today with $8 tip. Turns out the customer “had no issues with me and IC support assured me I would get compensated correctly as they were having system issues” after I sad to please ban them from ever appearing on my app again and if I see the entire order reported as missing I would call the cops for theft lol it was a delivery only order 1 mi down the road. Nothing out of the ordinary order it seemed. Then I got my tip back, made me realllly suspicious it wasnt the customer who did it?

  17. First of all mate, let me just make it clear how much I can relate. It's just amazing how this happens to the best of us but only people who have went through this specific occasion can understand the confusion and pain it brings to a person. This is perhaps the only reason I'm the only guy to comment on this post because not many people can understand. You know, this might sound over used, but at this point theres no choice but to just move on. I know it's hard. Infact it seems quite impossible. But you know, you cant really just hope she might change her mind. It's difficult, but you've got to start moving on. Busy yourself with other people and involve urself in other activities that you like. Might be hard at the start but the situation definetly improvesy. Before you know it, she would start feeling like a friend and who knows, maybe you will find someone better and more suitable. Sadly, Love is just dumb luck mate. Sometimes, you just can't make people love you.

  18. That's when I would take picks of all the goods at the door if person. Do it where you can see and point out what it is. So if they say it's missing you have proof

  19. Support told me to do this so they can deactivate the customers.

  20. Five customers in a 3 week period reported items missing or damaged when I did all the necessary steps to make sure they got their correct items.. and the one time I noticed an item on a delivery only order was damaged I left a voicemail and repeatedly called with no answer and got down rated. Im sick of the customer abuse.

  21. I woke up to 10 of my 5 star ratings being removed and a 3 star rating. Plus 11 false missing item reports I had to contact support for.

  22. Absolutely agree with this. We order from Instacart regularly and I would estimate that in at least 30% of our orders, we get an extra item we didn't buy. Sometimes whole bags are mixed up and we get someone else's things and are missing half of what we ordered. We've started making a note of these extras in the comments so the shoppers don't think the other customer is lying when they report a missing item.

  23. That has only ever happened to me once. I am a frequent buyer and shopper. I am neurotic and organize with labels and I triple check outside the store. I have had fraudulently reported items, because customers were too lazy to check to see if items had been refunded.

  24. He is not worth it!!!! You can do so much better

  25. I dont feel sorry for the wealthy billionaires who exploit the poor and middle class every day at all.

  26. I had texts of my ex admitting to sexually assaulting me a month and a half before I left, brought them to court, and the judge just looked at it and didn't acknowledge it at all. He still gets unsupervised visitation. In the final order paperwork, it's mentioned as "alleged" even though there was proof by him admitting to it. I guess judges don't care unless it's something happening to the child.

  27. My ex physically abused me and he got joint custody lol

  28. Oh my GOD I have been going through this for 5 years now. It is so frustrating. It's as if EVERYTHING I do is to piss them off somehow? I use my bathroom, they STOMP above me. I put the music on the lowest volume, they BLAST theirs a few nights after (and it's always the same pattern). I watch TV and laugh, they start STOMPING above me. I once was doing work and had a fairly clicky keyboard, one of them STOMPED so loud and shouted "STOP TYPING LIKE THAT". One of them shouted "GROSS" when they heard be use the bathroom. They throw their lit barely smoked cigarettes into my patio. They let their trash overflow which attracts rats. I have spoken to them multiple times but they just continue their bullshit. And what's crazy is these people are city bankers (probably always coke raging, let's be real). I have always been nothing but polite. It always puts me on high anxiety mode and I am absolutely exhausted. Wow. I just can't wait for the day I move out, or they move out. I feel like I have no privacy. God forbid I ever celebrated my birthday, they would probably go nuts. Good thing I haven't celebrated it in years. They are the most insecure people I have ever met.

  29. Holy shit, I am so sorry. I eventually moved to a small house to get away from this shit. It’s cheap, but it was so worth it to get away. I even paid to break my lease. I hope things get better soon.

  30. And if I run an appliance during the day.. they run the same one around midnight. Insane.

  31. Yep! My apartment neighbor bangs the ceiling constantly yet he is like dropping boulders on the floor or something or like my kid, my husband and I are just chilling and not making noise and then I'll hear a sudden BANG and he'll start banging his ceiling despite all of us were not making noise... If anything I'm always scolding my toddler now to tip toe around so he won't come out and yell at our door.

  32. That’s no way to live. Fuck that guy. People who cannot handle hearing others live should be screened out of eligibility to live in apartments.

  33. People are saying that's what toddlers do. No, not for hours all day and then into the night. that little someone is not being parented or has physical and/or mental/emotional issues that are not addressed. The Dad probably doesn't have a clue how to parent or doesn't care. Little ones can be quieted; maybe not each and every time... but if there is disruption and/or screaming for hours all day and even into the night for every visit then something is wrong.

  34. As someone with a toddler. You can tell them what to do as much as you want, when they don’t want to do something they raise hell. Even if you lay down the law, they raise it even harder. Sure you could quiet the kid down by giving him everything he ever wants and not teach him or her the word no which eventually turns into an extremely spoiled rotten person. Toddlers DO make noise and THEY do battle going to sleep. They haven’t mastered their emotions yet and are little hurricanes lol

  35. This happened to me once when I asked my lab partner if he wanted to study with me. I was pretty offended too, because the desire they interpreted was never implicated on my part at all. I told them the feeling was mutual. I wasn’t interested either lol

  36. I am so sorry. It is so wrong that they hear the sadness but have no empathy. Some people are like that. I'm glad this site exists as there are good people here at least. It's good that you get out of the house. It is so difficult and exhausting to be stuck with your thoughts. I know quite a few people who have had the virus and I am glad you said how young your friend was as we all need to know this that it effects the young too. I hope you get some good rest tonight and if you can get a walk in or something tomorrow. Peace to you!

  37. It’s so unfair. She didn’t even have health issues. It just took her in a matter of weeks. She was working retail and caught it. I am an absolute mess. Thank you for your empathy

  38. I am so sorry for your loss and for the hellish behavior of your neighbors. Some people .

  39. Thank you. I can understand it being annoying to hear someone crying at 2-3am, but how about come down and ask me to be more quiet instead of play the lets harass her to death card. People need to grow up. Life isnt just about them. Im really trying not to make it other people’s problem either. I leave the house during the day/evening to drive and just process what happened.

  40. Dofus was amazing! Miss playing that game back in the day

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