1. I also headcanon him as aroace but I genuinely cannot see why people care so much. Sure, you don't like them. But most of them aren't illegal. Why harass them?

  2. I'm crying screaming punching the air when I saw that haha. But well it was based on a poll and I guess a lot ships Mitsukou so it happened :)

  3. I always assumed fate was just pissed that Hanako managed to have his changed twice so it just screwed him over. Good theory though.

  4. I had this theory that Tsukasa was a kannagi, and was about to be a sacrifice but Amane killed him instead. Now I wonder just how likely it was.

  5. You do need to stop. Not really well advised on how to give up things like this, but I'm sure others can help. The thing is, they know. But they wait till you steal enough to charge you for it.

  6. I've heard a lot of people on instagram say that they hope it's leading up to a second season, and it would make sense to do it now. Plot thickening even more than it did previously, and a rebroadcast would hype up the anime.

  7. And this time, I hope it will get even much better reception than it did last time

  8. Yep! It's a shame it had to first air in a pandemic, but they got a second chance, don't waste it!

  9. While not everyone's heard of it, chances are if you go into a TBHK fandom space and ask anyone if they've read

  10. "Even if summer ends, it doesn’t go anywhere. Long after the violets have wilted, long after the stars have died, they’re still here.

  11. I just want to know in 17 years how you feel about 20 year olds.

  12. I'm not sure about anything else but one thing that's really frustrating is they call their stories books.

  13. Did you hear what happened in Toledo, OH? A nurse accidentally threw away a kidney that was donated by a brother for his sister. Yikes.

  14. AidaIro has given us so much content this month, especially on the latter 2 weeks

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