1. Do the Witch hunter’s new cantrips count as hedge mage spells for the purpose of things like simplicity’s strength?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! Forgot about evocation wizard, though that being a subclass feature of the most powerful magic class probably strengthens the point overall.

  3. Look, the hedge mage’s whole schtick is consistency. It doesn’t have the bulk of the barbarian or fighter, the ridiculous situational damage output of the rogue or paladin, or the super powerful resource sucking power of full casters. What it can do is have the basics available no matter what. And it really needs a strong feature like this, especially with its dead levels being the ones where other classes get things like extra attacks or 9th level spells. So if it’s going to get a power feature, it might as well be one that exemplifies its flavour of awesome.

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  5. Madam, I can say for certain you are an asset to the company.

  6. But much slower then my girl running away from me.

  7. I've been thinking there should be a version of this. If I was playing a wizard RN I might suggest it to my DM.

  8. actually there is one home brew option I found. Look up the Hedge Mage 1.3 on

  9. Only if it’s primarily intended for straight women. If it’s mainly for men, it’s called geicomi.

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  11. Definitely! Non binary and intersex folks were revered for their incredible magical and spiritual abilities in many pre Christian cultures. You’re like a super Witcher!

  12. papyrus deserves to be a tumblr sexyman

  13. He’s definitely a Twitter sexyman. But on Tumblr he’s just a little dude

  14. You attacked using BEES! Dealing 10 damage and gaining no exp or gold! Remaining health 438

  15. All the enbies I know still haven’t gotten it, maybe they’re actually immune!

  16. The whole point of the thought police was to obscure truth.

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  18. Hit those kinds of players with the good old "How does your character know that?"

  19. Not sure I can do the braining to make all those words go

  20. Sigil as a hub world, with all the other worlds being accessible through different portals

  21. There’s a really cool brew for the Magus in 5e made by Laserllama

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