1. counterpoint: dublin man, bob odencock, kim sexler, kettlemilkers, "does anyone else want to fuck the shit out of this whore" (image of all female BrBa/BCS characters regardless of age), obsessively filming old men in public, making light of character deaths, random porn, general brainrot and degeneracy

  2. Urge to get a pal for my cat named Grumpy intensifies

  3. Bro they cute. Don't even bite, and if they did there aren't poisonous. I don't know any aussie to be afraid of hunties

  4. I do, but she's arachnophobic in general, so it's not so much them as their whole genus

  5. What house cat can kill and eat a hobo? Dogs, sure, I’d believe a Doberman could kill and eat a homeless unwanted guest, but a house cat I feel like you, the owner, would have to weaken the hobo for the cat to finish it off and eat it.

  6. Sbe looks hot in this pic, so It's OK for people to make deepfake porn of her

  7. There are people in this very thread that will think you're unironically agreeing with them

  8. How has she pursued and invited the sexualization? Pretty sure there are videos from when she would walk sideways off camera to avoid people talking about her butt. She's been sexualized - yes - but it isn't because she welcomes it. That's kind of the point

  9. Every single post makes my day immeasurably better

  10. Please turn up the heat so Doodles can take off his jacket!

  11. My sister had a cat that would pull maxi pads out from under the sink, pull them out of package and wrappers and leave them all over the house.

  12. *distribute them all over the house for ease of access

  13. Liberals always think they have scored some kind of win with these "logical traps". "AHA! You claim to hate illegal immigration but here you are supporting an illegal immigrant." The conservatives don't care. They can't even begin to care. How many thousands of examples do we need before we realize that accusations of hypocrisy mean 0 to them.

  14. There are left hypocrites literally in the top voted thread my dude. You might be fine but don't act like either side is even remotely high and mighty

  15. It blows, but you're doing God's work there. A couple more "one of the good ones" and the racism will melt right out of them. Or at least the harmful stuff will. Everyone likes a good joke


  17. She was subtly suggesting you to buy a yacht to take her to a tropical island away from the winter weather. Don't make the wrong decision.

  18. I literally have a house on an island with an indoor and outdoor bar, a tea room, a bedroom with reading nook, and a living room with breakfast nook

  19. Hell yes. Normalize releasing games only after they're finished

  20. You realize everyone says this and the games still come out bad. Not saying this one will but a delay does not guarantee a finished game

  21. Then they should delay it further until it's finished. Simple.

  22. my highlight was the video of the orange cat eagerly rubbing itself on the pack strap of a backpack, the caption asking whether other cats do this as well.

  23. Wait what? 😍 I didn't get that far! I gotta go back in!

  24. You need to look at each individual case. Most billionares that are giving away their fortune certainly aren't getting tax benefits for it that are more than they're giving away. But taxing them is still a much better use of the money.

  25. Taxing them just raises the maximum that makes sense to pay an accountant to shuttle their money into less taxable forms. I appreciate the goals, but the delusion isn't gonna get you there unless you have a magic wand or something

  26. It's possible to also regularly change laws to eliminate tax loopholes.

  27. If you're suggesting Congress can move faster than a motivated industry of corporate and personal accountants raking in personal fortunes... well, bless your heart

  28. He knows it’s a lawyer word because it was in an old book, dude! Whatever, I’m getting satisfied.

  29. Bro, Old Testament would be an amazing sourcebook. Some WILD shit happens in those pages

  30. Man, it's tough. The AI stuff seems like it's here to stay and I don't know how people are gonna handle themselves being turned into nudes. It's basically going to reach a point where anyone can create a nude of anyone and I don't know how people are gonna respond to that.

  31. So it doesn't matter how many squats I do, I'll always have a flat bum?

  32. Every Russian with access to the Internet who is sent to war must surrender from the first day. Anything else would be stupid, wouldn't it?

  33. Nah - you have to understand the mindfuck these people are in. They grew up in a country full of non-stop propaganda. There is no "true," and if there is, they figure fat chance that they'll ever discern it amidst all the equally plausible and implausible lies that abound. When they're presented with the objective truth, all their minds can do is cycle through all the ways they've learned over the years that even their own government has lied to them and all the times other governments have lied too

  34. It knows its role and is ready and willing to take one for the team

  35. I worked in adult retail from like 2011-2017, met a shitload of pornstars at various events and feature dances and whatnot.

  36. Aww, I love the "is your friend gonna think that's weird" check. What a conscientious memer. Class act

  37. I hope this subreddit never dies (unlike bitch wife)

  38. Oh no! Should be fixed now... Here's a bonus Skippy plus Fizz for your trouble!

  39. Thank you for your prompt resolution to my troubleshooting ticket and your bonus pic 🥹

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