1. There are plenty of people who pivot to Psych later on in life, but you'll need to invest a lot of time/ effort before calling yourself a psychologist. As a previous poster said, life coaching has a lower barrier to entry. If you enjoy the business side, you can be successful. However, it also means that anyone can call themselves a "coach" and you will not have the training to deal with complex or more difficult cases and goals.

  2. Thank you!!! Which scent did you try?? I’ve heard there are some that smell pretty gross, and others that are great!

  3. I got the Pomegranate Herbal one as add-on from Ipsy a few months ago. It's more herbal smelling than anything, but hydrates very well. The smell doesn't last anyway so it's ok :)

  4. I have 4 more free bags if anyone is still looking for one :)

  5. Hello friends :) I have 5 free Ipsy bags to share. If you would like one, please drop me a message with your first name and email. I can also answer any questions you might have about the subscription. All the best :)

  6. I'm not the previous poster, but I went with the blush and the Orchid lippie. I went to choose when it opened, and I think those were the only choices from the start. Basically you get to choose blush or highlighter, and then the color of the lippie, otherwise they choose for you. I agree, not a lot of choice. I am excited about the box, but really not excited about that palette, I look terrible in warm colors :(

  7. Damn. I hope there's some good stuff in there that makes up for all this. I didn't really care for any of the choices tbh. I feel like the second option isn't really a choice. Pick the lippie or a surprise mystery product? How will we even know what the other item is in the box of stuff. I feel like the mystery product is a way for them to get rid of some stuff they have left over.

  8. So I think the other item is just a choice of lippies - basically you still get one, just in a random color. I think the other items are the palette, a face cream, an eyeliner and a mascara. At least that's how it looks like on the spoiler instagram accounts.

  9. Hiii!!! I think Scentbird has a quiz, but I’m currently dealing with their customer service (and it’s AWFUL). I’ve received broken perfumes and they won’t send me a replacement! I’m so over it!

  10. No!! I haven't tried that one yet!! Is it comparable in price? I would LOVE to try it. Like you, I'm SO over Scentbird. Their customer service is plain awful.

  11. It is very similar in price and they have different types of subscriptions basic/premium/platinum with some good perfumes in basic, nice designer ones in premium and highly sought after in platinum (tom ford, amouage, that sort of thing). I like them because they do free shipping to Canada, while the other subscriptions add on about $12 more.

  12. Wow, these prices are outrageous. If they think they can sell duos of same product for 9 bucks and the switch it to 48. They’re not getting my money. It better be a glitch.

  13. I hope so, because otherwise it is insanity!

  14. I already gotten my glam bag but just wanted to wait to post this with my gbp until it came!!!

  15. Thanks for sharing! How are you liking the headband? I am getting it in this month in my bag and was curious :)

  16. I love it very much!! It’s so soft and cute 🥰 plus you can wear the headband as a hair tie!!

  17. You like scent box better these scentbird? Is it designer fragrances or their own? I’m interested!

  18. Yep, they do designer fragrances and have a range of bath/body stuff, including cbd if you're interested in that. Oh and the quality is the same as the real fragrances - as in they are not watered down or anything.

  19. That sounds really great honestly. And I DO enjoy CBD products (especially bath stuff). Do you have any referral codes right now? I think I’d like to try them!

  20. So this finally showed up after the tracking number had "expired" and they're apparently sending a replacement with a free gift so I don't think that's what this one is. The blush duo is from points in "be content and spiced up" the Lottie arch rival in brown and the context skin lipstick is in " tears are falling" which I'm thinking looks very similar to "into the fire". I also received the Innisfree SPF but gave it to my mom. Overall I'm happy it's here and all in one piece😊

  21. I got mine today as well! But I got the random ugly bag, your bag looks so nice :) The shipping time has started to be ridiculous though.

  22. Definitely ridiculous! I'm in Canada so I usually don't get mine until around the 20th-22nd. This is the latest ever. I'm sorry you didn't get the right bag, it is quite nice but I hope your products made up for it!

  23. I'm in Canada as well! It usually arrived on the 23rd or so but now even my July boxy reached me in August. Hopefully the fall will be better. Enjoy the bag!

  24. I just got that avant cleansed gel in boxy - is it that bad? Also my first avant product. It says made in Italy which gave me hope it's not some private label trash, but people seem to really dislike the brand

  25. I tried it last night and it was ok for me,not too drying. I also have combination skin (leaning oily during the summer) so it might be way. Let's see how it performs after several washes.

  26. Thanks for answering all my questions! Ugh I was like what, i thought the next payment was a month later, but it makes sense. So you haven’t received your July box yet? ‘Cause today’s payment was for August I think. Now I’m getting more excited :) oh and it doesn’t come in a bag like Ipsy, right?

  27. Yep, my July box hasn't arrived. Hopefully I'll get it this week. I don't know when the payment is scheduled, since I bought several months in advance. It's easier for me to budget that way and you get a small discount for each.

  28. Yaaay! I just got my July box today. The palette is really pretty and I look forward to trying out the skincare items. Hopefully you get yours soon!

  29. At my annual ob-gyn appointment last month I simply asked my doctor for INFORMATION about getting my tubes removed and he straight up said “you’re young, you’re healthy, are you looking for a reason for your husband to leave you” “do you know how many husbands cheat on their wife and leave when they have a tubal” “why not just give him what he wants? It’s not that hard”

  30. OMG this is so terrible I'm so sorry! I don't understand how medical professionals can be such dumb assholes. It's astounding. He has absolutely no right to talk to you about any of that. He's supposed to give you information and that's it. He can say that it's irreversible and that you should be sure and properly informed before making such an important decision, but that is all! Idiot! Gaaah I'm so mad! How would he know what you want or what your husband wants or anything. Why would you assume that. And even if a husband decides to leave a wife after tubal, then good riddance to bad trash!

  31. OMG I'm so jealous! Congrats on the campaign. Pleeease post some swatches if you can or at least let us know how it smells :D

  32. I’m debating between Briogio charcoal scalp revival shampoo and the Estate Cosmetics eyeliner brush.

  33. I got the brush. I'm going to be wearing a lot of gel eyeliner for work and fingers crossed that brush is a good one. What did you decide?

  34. I’ve had quite a few surveys, and I just finished my third VoxBox. I was on/off the app for 8 years, but I committed to starting fresh in March and I updated my profile and added reviews from items I purchased. I then checked the app to make sure after the update it showed my correct birthday (it reset everyone) and I’ve just been engaging in their social media and on the app a bit each day.

  35. Thanks for sharing! I do hope you get something from this campaign, seems like a large one, albeit a little unusual :)

  36. I got this as well right after getting a measly $6 since they can't send me choice. This box really blows :(

  37. Versed is sold at Shoppers and they have a retinol body lotion that gets great reviews. I am waiting for that to show up (hopefully soon), so another one to keep an eye out for.

  38. I’m sort of in disbelief. Mascara? Primer?Two Complex Culture choices? I’m starting to believe this whole thing about Ipsy buying Boxy to sink it into the ground.

  39. Terrible is an understatement. I was looking in disbelief at even last year's premium boxes that had Too faced, ABH, Nars, Elemis, Benefit... and we get this. I recently got the CC blush in Ipsy with points! It's one of the things they were trying to get rid of. This isn't suitable for a "premium" choice, c'mon! The past couple of boxes have been particularly terrible. I've been looking forward to trying my first takeover box, or some exciting product, but no, we get this crap. I'm so so disappointed.

  40. FYI: Shipping is free when you use this code; Handling is still tacked on at $1.99.

  41. hah. why doesn't that surprise me? boxy is way too focused on profits and they are going to lose a lot of people. I just took a quick look at the drop shop and there's barely anything you can get for $6, especially to replace a choice item.

  42. looks like how boxy ships some things, like the premium box

  43. Has anyone used this one? I’ve had luck with babe lash personally, but that’s the only one I’ve tried

  44. I tried this one and I didn't like it. I've tried plenty of others and they worked well for me. Sad to throw this one away, but it was really irritating and I don't see a difference.

  45. That's pathetic. Do they really think they had no impact on the world, except for their children?

  46. Never dared to ask, but that's a good point. To be completely honest, probably not. I come from a culture where parents "live" for their children and then fully expect them to give them grandchildren and bring them "a glass of water" in their old age. Basically meaning we are their insurance/retirement policy - to provide help, money and entertainment in the form of grandkids.

  47. Was just going to chime in and say: classic projection. THEIR life doesn’t have meaning now…so please have children for US. Gahhh

  48. This is a very good and plausible insight. My in-laws very recently said this to me as well "life has no meaning without children" and I tried to counter with my life is meaningful since I help so many other people, especially youth with their health. But your point is probably more salient. Indeed their life seems meaningless to them without grandchildren, and they keep badgering others to get them.

  49. I deal with this along with “tech neck” and a nice crease along my left jawline from holding my head sideways due to a neck injury. I’ve done lasers, peels, lots of in office procedures. Out of all the expensive procedures, Micro needling has given the best results. I ended up buying a derminator and love it.

  50. Sounds great how do you use it? Especially for larger areas

  51. I just tape along the crease so it can’t crease anymore. I try to use a relaxed position and not stretch the sling. I also stuck it to my hand once first so it’s not too hard to take off in the morning. I use three 5-6” long strips on my neck and a 4-5” strip in my wierd jaw/double chin crease

  52. Thank you for the detailed reply! I think I'm going to try your method first before going for the silicone ones. Thanks so much

  53. not yet! I just got the yearly one after several monthlys but that bag will be the July one. I can let you know when I get it :)

  54. lorac palettes are some of my fav! i highly recommend slightly wetting your brush, dabbing it off on your hand, and then using the shimmers with it! it creates a gorgeous foiled look and doesn’t ruin the shadows at all.

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