SW: 475 CW: 190. I did IF from 9pm till 2pm. Ate clean, lost 200lbs. Had skin removal surgery, lost about 100 more. Gained some back in muscle. I work out about 6 days a week, but I lost my first 200lbs with small diet changes & IF.

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  1. Does that have effect on ARM-based OS?

  2. No idea why, but every time I found bubble, I always played genocidal empire...

  3. Something like happy ray, from Spore, with the planetary scale?

  4. No, this isn't Plate Up. And you can't automate fish in that game!

  5. Not sure when it happened, but putting space science and sending them into space gets you fish.

  6. Sorta the Borg. They'd be a better fit if they didn't have any machine drones at all, I think.

  7. Than there's nothing to separate from a hive mind, to be honest.

  8. Can I have the source file of that paper? Had found for quite a while without result.

  9. If that is spaghetti, then you didn't cook it. It is straight and untangled.

  10. R5: A joke about bubble and genocide in Stellaris.

  11. The weight you lost is more than the weight I have. Just, wow.

  12. There are a lot of rhythm games only playable on single platform, and some of them are really good if you like that kind of game.

  13. Not pretty, but functional. Aside from some mistakes that others had picked up, it's all well and good.

  14. Good job, I think a few mistakes are 井 means well, as in a hole from which one draws water; should be 开 知道’s 知 should not have a stroke that exceeds the topmost one 妹妹 has a character written as 未

  15. With numbers like 18, you can save a lot of calculation and time by doing it smartly:

  16. Or just use a calculator. Unless you use Reddit on a book, chances are you have a powerful computer and can just open another app to calculate.

  17. Are you kidding me? That ruins all my joke... Damn it!

  18. At least you got everyone's confusion for two hours.

  19. It's more the Sino defaultism, TBH.

  20. I'm pretty sure you're saying Austria, right?

  21. That’s a nice costume! However, just to let you know I would be a bit concerned about posting pictures of a kid on Reddit for safety/privacy reasons

  22. Little bit of digging around did not show the location, that's good.

  23. Maybe he tried to recreated Judgment Day after its passage of Panama Canal.

  24. Who is Kali, and why don’t they like her Linux?

  25. Consider that she is the goddess of destruction?

  26. Good luck enforcing a prison sentence against the hive

  27. With fleet supremacy, you can do anything.

  28. What everyone is missing is when biters attack you radar warns you before something is destroyed and just damaged.

  29. It does not required radar. Warning messages would show up if player structure is being damaged or destroyed.

  30. Yep, because OP named the city Kaliningrad instead of Königsberg, I thought that OP was talking about Soviet.

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