1. they are the paula couch and honey ottoman from sofacompany, in the fabric maya cream :)

  2. So bad yet, it was so good. I was so mad at the ending.

  3. All the plot holes! My favorite is Lucy Foley's response

  4. aw he's so cute I'm crying. That face!! Gah

  5. I can't stop smiling - I know the hedgehogs made his day but your video made mine

  6. why did I only see acrylic nails

  7. Yes! I am an adult but I still read YA once in a while

  8. She addresses false* stories on her social media. While we might not know the real reason, her dislike of Olivia and/or the production of the film seems to be true

  9. omg that's so true - the reason her silence is so jarring is because she responds so often to tabloid fodder.

  10. Thank god. I was keen to watch the movie before but I’m just over it at this point.

  11. same. I really liked Booksmart and was so excited about the cast for this, but now I don't know if I'll even watch it tbh

  12. I’m sure you’re right. I’m a very nervous pet mom. I once rushed my dog to the vet in the middle of the night and it turned out to just be gas lol

  13. THANK YOU. I never knew what it was about her but I find her so grating

  14. My Costco membership is worth it for the dog treats alone

  15. Society has normalized age gaps to an extent and so hearing that someone’s partner is 10 years older in conversation is not so shocking. But pictures like this are jarring. The picture is unsettling and makes you really face & think twice of what society accepts. Esp when you consider that it’s a 20 year old woman who is dating an almost 31 year old man.

  16. woah I didn't know about Devon Aoki and Lenny Kravitz

  17. Allegedly someone was leaking info to others who then leaked to the press, and Taylor tightened up her friend group and threw in a fake rumor or two. She found out it was Karlie and dropped her immediately - there’s some context in her recent work.

  18. I didn't know that! the wagatha christie of it all

  19. I personally don't have a need to annotate my books. I read for the pleasure and the reflection I get in the moment. I don't need to make notes or highlight phrases to help it sink in. I also don't like the idea of marking up books. If I re-read that book I would also like to look at it with fresh perspective and not see the notes that would be left behind from my previous readings.

  20. same. I didn't even realize annotating was a thing until I got to uni.. maybe it's cultural but in my household my mum would've been so angry if I'd highlighted my books or written in them.

  21. Yes, for me mostly downtown near Vancouver City Centre station. I used to work around there and it didn't matter if I was in corporate attire or weekend shopping mode.. that vicinity has the worst collection of creepy men who will get pushy and even aggressive if you don't acknowledge them. I started wearing big headphones specifically so I could pretend not to hear them.

  22. I agree. A lot of people invested their time and energy into a project that was publicly discarded in a pretty awful way.

  23. It’s a formerly lower class neighbourhood that has been gentrified in the last twenty so years, but kept its left leaning views politically.

  24. Yep I agree wholeheartedly. I was originally going to suggest Lower Lonsdale (North Van) but given the full description Mount Pleasant is better.

  25. Such a great feeling when the training pays off like this! Congrats OP

  26. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee

  27. their expressions are so cute lol

  28. What the fuck? They took out a body of a deceased man and they didn’t even investigate the other rooms where there were 2 other bodies? Nobody looked into the other rooms? This seems so unlikely that it smells like incompetence.

  29. Yeah I just read the article and am in shock tbh.. I cannot get over how gruesome and heartbreaking this entire situation is.

  30. You can do a rhodie or azalea, and prune to shape.

  31. I'm on a Google rampage now with your suggestions - thank you so much!!

  32. lol that bum.. that sad head tilting down.. his little leg.. that posture is killing me. Glad he's doing okay now!

  33. Respectfully - mind your own business ? How do you know how my dog will behave ?

  34. THANK YOU. I was taking one of my dogs out for a potty break last night and some old woman came running from across the street to scold me about how he shouldn't be out during the fireworks. Meanwhile my dog is unbothered and just trying to do his business leave us alone geez.

  35. I studied circadian rhythm biology in grad school: animals’ internal clocks can be extremely accurate. You probably know about the circadian clock that is synchronized to sunlight. This is what makes birds wake up pre-dawn every morning (their clock wakes them up even before it’s light out), and what causes seasonal changes like animals shedding their coat as the days shorten in preparation for winter. An animal’s internal clock will keep “ticking” even if you keep it in complete darkness for an extended period of time. In addition, animals can have internal clocks that are synchronized to things other than light. Food is an extremely strong cue for internal clocks. Without getting into too much detail, we know from experiments that food affects the internal clock in basically the same way that sunlight does. This can apply to other stimuli, hence why some people find themselves waking up right before their alarm every morning.

  36. not op but this was so fascinating - thanks for sharing!

  37. The best way to start the day. This morning my husband was walking down the hall to have a shower and I heard him saying 'yes mate, she's in there, go get her' and then tippy tap tippy tap down the hall and smiley dog right in my face .

  38. aww the tappity tap tap sound is the best

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