Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga (Netflix)

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Tottenham [4] - 1 Southampton - Dejan Kulusevski 63'

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  1. What proof of residency is required for same day voter registration? I just moved here in August and have not changed my license over yet. I have a copy of my lease and a few credit card bills with my address. Will these suffice?

  2. I believe that should suffice. General 2 forms of id schtick

  3. Does it have to be physical copies for proof of residency?

  4. Apologies for the delay, went to vote then straight to work. I just presented them with some PDFs on my phone.

  5. Donny is such a clever player. Makes me super sad that his career at United is at a crossroads. He was good for the 20 minutes. Excellent in finding spaces in the box. Very good passer also. I just hope he turns around his career.

  6. I agree! He is a very mischievous play maker, which I love. It's been a shame how many efforts/events took precedent over giving him a chance.

  7. I’m also very impressed with Martinez. Doing a lot better than I thought he would

  8. There were a few moments where Kane had the aerial advantage over Martinez, but luckily it found absolutely no one. On a separate note, I'm so happy that Son had close to no effect on the pitch today.

  9. Any studies in general design principles and lighting will always benefit you as a creative.

  10. I’ve felt love and loss so many times with this man… what’s 1 more gonna do 😤

  11. One more great game and I bring his jersey out of retirement. I'm ready to be hurt again.

  12. When reading, this may sound very cliche or potentially arrogant, so I apologize for this.

  13. the reason why human drivers are still a thing is not that AI is so much worse - but that whoever creates the AI is then not just liable for one accident, but all of them. it's unclear how to handle this legally. is it extremely negligence if after an accident, cars are still allowed on the road with that software version? do they all have to stop driving until there's an update?

  14. Great additional points here. The results still stand to learn if you want to!

  15. Fingers crossed you're happy with the way they present it. That little caption in the cover picture does not fill me with confidence. Makes it sound like we're trying to break the world, not fix it.

  16. If it's any consolation, it wasn't rushed/forced out like the other ones.

  17. In a funny and concealed way, you answered your own question even though it was a general ask. If that makes any sense haha

  18. I bought the same one on FB marketplace.

  19. Jesus deserved it. Dude looked like a Magikarp the entire game. Then Scotty 2 Hotty up and shows him what it's like to actually be fouled.

  20. Its even better. Back then it was more like DiMaria had a major drop. Scotty has just improved almost all his weaknesses!

  21. Yeah, I'd say this is more along the lines of a Luke Shaw type of resurgence.

  22. How could you not watch your lady getting holy sepulchred with an ethereal dong that birthed creation?

  23. It's been 3 minutes and I still haven't figured out how to pronounce sepulchred.

  24. All recent signings considered, once the midfield has settled in, Martinez and Varane will hopefully be under less crucial moments. Our chances of conceding will drop drastically, and our time being in control will be much greater 🙏.

  25. The moment he took a point blank clearance to the shoulder from Bruno was the moment I wanted him to get motm.

  26. I feel like the goal being assisted by Martial was what added some pepper to that spicy sizzle of a shot.

  27. This is beautiful and greatly executed. Great job!

  28. To be honest this actually gives me flashbacks to when I played soccer in highschool.

  29. A lot of neutrals probably don't yet realize just how good he was for Spurs last season. Last year from January 1st through the end of the EPL season the top 4 players in the EPL for goal contributions (goals+assists) were Son/Kane, someone else (Salah?) and then Kulusevski in 4th.

  30. I'm not a Spurs fan but it was hard not to catch a glimpse of how well he played last season.

  31. With all due respect though, isn’t that how real world football is? Some teams will defend with 11. I hate those kind of teams but wouldn’t it be one’s job to find ways to break them down?

  32. You're correct with teams having most of their team drop back on many of occasions. However, to the extent that they are well within their own penalty box when the play is just around the center circle is a bit crazy.

  33. May I ask about pictures #1-3? How much time did you have to take it? Were you on a different boat just put and about? Wondering the logistics and backstory.

  34. Chance, are you okay? - Action Bronson

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