1. They aren’t really wrong about the part of the picture they’re talking about. Also that Petri dish looking deli cup is kinda dicey.

  2. Big Ang and Dinyell having a who can sell the least contest.

  3. Not with baking especially, but kinda not ever either.

  4. Iron in the oven will get you there twice as fast if you’re just looking for a reason to use them for garlic bread.

  5. Yeah I'm pretty close to being done with randoms. They will not let you do anything in terms of bonus objective and they make doing cursed gear as hard as possible. All they care about is hogging the spawn, and spending the entire game trying to steal kills off each other. I've had them follow me around or any other teammate and wait till oyou get an enemy 1 hit away from death and they run in and drop him. Hunters on gold are the absolute worst to play with. Every single round your doing good and you hear that fucking lady yell her shit and rain down arrows dropping all enemies around you. Worst experience I ever had was 2 super OP hunters and you can guess how that went. On God I had 35 kills my boy had 22 and the Hunters split over 100.

  6. The thing about cursed gear is…you’re supposed to be doing it solo anyway.

  7. Imagine how difficult it would be if they forced you to do it solo. I'm decent but ehhhh solo survival on gold is not my cup of dog shit.

  8. Pretty much every curse can be lifted in wave 0. Like it’s just something you do for 5 minutes then collect the token or whatever. Save scum your build and do it again if you need to.

  9. Taking us all on a Fantastic culinary Voyage.

  10. No one can expect more than your best effort. If you’re trying your hardest then you’re doing it. Great job!

  11. Thank you for all the perspectives. I don't feel bad for leaving today and.. I just got hired working as a server for a casino. Siked right now!

  12. This right here is what employers need to realize. That you can, in MANY cases, walk right out the doors and replace them with better jobs, same day.

  13. Agreed. The work force days of putting up with straight disrespect because you need the the job is over. There are plenty of jobs waiting to be filled.

  14. Yeah. The term “bang for your buck” is directly associated with economical impact in a more for less capacity.

  15. Cut glove or some kind of holder that can hold what your cutting in place of your hand. In kitchens we usually use a potato or onion to act as a buffer between what’s being sliced and your hand.

  16. Sorry about Wayne. Bostons are the best on the planet. I have two and they mean everything to me. Stay positive and keep baking.

  17. You’re gonna need an old priest and a young priest.

  18. That would taste better if you broke those add ins into 3 omelets. I’m seeing 3 separate flavor profiles. Next time build it so they eat through the ingredients in a way that it will actually taste good. Like the first 1/3 is steak and tomato onion, then sausage pepper mushroom onion, then lox as a stand alone and hash and cheese running through everyone.

  19. If all the knobs are off and the oven isn’t on then check to see if the pilots are lit. If there’s a pilot out it can start to smell like gas. If everything seems to be in the off position and pilots are lit but you still smell gas, get a 3rd opinion from someone who doesn’t smoke because their sense of smell is better. Sometimes it’s really easy to get in your own head once you think you smell gas. Don’t tell the person you want to sniff it out what they’re smelling for, just bring them to the area and say something innocuous like “what’s that smell?”

  20. Why tho? Now you get to give it that satisfying thwack with the back of the scoop.

  21. I think nursery rhymes was an afterthought for her and the real reason for the “studio” (whether Andrei knows it or not) is for her OF adventures. Which is why she got so worked up when Andrei told Chuck.

  22. I got a pair. I use them when hitchhiking.

  23. Hey, you weren’t very great at your job and I stole from you. Call me.

  24. Okay to all the (Mostly American) people getting shocked and thinking there needs to be lawsuits and OMGG they will die and the guy is evil and blah blah weak ass american fragility on show. This is in New Zealand where they play Rugby and tackle people to the ground. This is a great example (technically via good coaching) of how a good tackle can stop someone dead in their tracks. It was clearly set up everyone knew what they were getting into and it was a pretty clear and cut example of kids being silly doing dares and frankly having old school fun. Kiwis are notoriously known for being tough little cookies and while I am sure it might have hurt a bit nobody is going to sue or go shoot up the school the next day because someone made them look silly. Just... from the comments I am seeing here. Chill the F out Americans. You guys are way too fragile.

  25. Yeah. Ok. But like, just because you’re a rough and rowdy bunch of Australians doesn’t mean you’re immune to brain trauma.

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