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  1. If youre a female youre not beating any man's ass...

  2. Yeah you’re totally right I’m just a silly woman with a pea brain that belongs in the kitchen.

  3. No just a delusional woman who doesnt understand the difference in strength and resilience between men and women. We both know that you have never in your life "beat a man's ass." Why encourage other women to put their lives in danger attempting to physically overpower someone bigger and stronger than them, rather than encourage safer de-escalation tactics?

  4. Interesting that you went from vaguely misogynistic to concerned for women’s well being in your two comments. Keep on being correct you testosterone king🥴

  5. I gave my job several months notice. I’ve been there 9yrs and also work the main weekend evening shifts. I wanted to give enough notice for them to sort things out but yeah, honestly you only owe a few weeks notice.

  6. Yeah that’s the boat I am in. The busy weekend night shifts is what I worry about!

  7. Better to give them notice to find the proper fit for your replacement. I can’t see any negatives to being courteous.

  8. I'm a long time hiker/backpacker and parking enthusiast. I went on a trip to Zion last October and I will never ever go back. We waited for two hours just to park our car and I really consider myself very adept and savy at finding parking. I met my match at Zion at 33 years of age. Finally. After two hours we got the opportunity to pay 20 dollars to park. It really reminded me why I adore backpacking in the wilds of my home state of PA. not a soul is there. Zion was beautiful but good holy Christ the amount of people there. Saw a tarantula in the wild though!

  9. The Pa state parks and forests are absolutely beautiful. I’ve hit about half of the parks and several forest districts.

  10. I camped at the clarion river in PA this summer!! Just south of Allegheny national forest. First time I ever saw fireflies.

  11. Fireflies are a sign that summer is here. We used to catch them as kids.

  12. I always tip the server, hibachi chef, and sushi person separately. I also work for tips but if I didn’t perhaps I wouldn’t have the knowledge to think that way.

  13. Young Jess didn’t treat Rory properly…but older Jess was too mature for older Rory.

  14. I am also from PA and taking off in a few months. From your starting pin it looks like we may be neighbors :)

  15. Your compassion and mindfulness are what will keep you a good staff. Kudos.

  16. Thankfully I was cursed with linebacker shoulders and I like flannel. I’m prepared.

  17. We premix 3 clears (Vodka, Gin, Rum) Tequila is to us what Gin is to you.

  18. Naw that’s a trap. The guy that says “naw I’ll tip more!,” will more times than not, tip worse.

  19. Go listen to Drunk in LA by Beach House

  20. Bartender nightmares-Cant clear out the bar by the legal time of 2:30am. Can’t make a drink, keep spilling it, wrong ingredients etc. Have em every so often but not as much as I used to.

  21. Got a $0.00 on a tip line for a $232 tab. Excellent service, just someone being mad they ran up a larger than expected tab. They even told me how much they enjoyed themselves. I don’t make the prices. I’d rather a blank line than someone taking the effort to tell me that my zero percent tip was intentional.

  22. Posted the same thing before scrolling to see this. I have to appreciate the like minded humor.

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