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  1. After his unhinged jump on the couch moment on Oprah and other weird media moments, it became apparent that in his arty stuff, like Magnolia, he was just basically playing himself every time. Usually men have longer careers than women due to sexism and ageism, but in this case Kidman is the one with the better, more long lasting careers. His association with Scientology also hasn't done him any favors.

  2. Absolutely. I recall in Leah Remini’s book after Tom & Katie’s wedding she shared a ride with the kids back to the airport, she asked him about Nicole and Bella replied “Not if I have a choice. Our mom is a fucking SP.”

  3. They’re all such losers. Nicole is a star in the entertainment industry. Golden Globe, Oscar and emmy winner. Successful marriage and his kids seem like hot messes. Theyre pretending Top Gun is a work of art.

  4. I love the narrative of “nothing like this has ever happened before…” when it’s really “nothing like you has ever happened before…”

  5. What do you mean by “look into exactly where he goes?”

  6. Wanted to update you. Filing a complaint with the state licensing board of his profession.

  7. Definitely should divide list by decade. Chinatown is 70s movie set in 40s right. But what’s the best 70s LA movie set in the 70s?

  8. 1.) Dorothy not trusting Blanche over Elliot/Blanche and Rose about Barbara. 2.) Blanche trying to sell Rose her car that was on the fritz. 3.) Rose switching bowling partners by dumping Blanche so she could win the tournament. 4.) Sophia stealing their Burt Reynolds tickets and letting them sit in jail.

  9. Meh. She didn’t mean to get him deported, but her actions got him deported

  10. And that there’s no mention of him after. “Remember that kid I got deported?”

  11. Part of these abortion rulings is that people are fleeing these rural/religious areas and also not procreating, so they are freaking out with the religious crap. The younger generation’s acceptance of gayness and nonbinary and also the low birth rate has made them go bonkers.

  12. There is a difference between not wanting to get vaxxed and spending time on social media spreading Q stories. That maybe an area to focus. Talking to them about going off social media for a day or for certain times, saying they might be addicted to social media, just as people get addicted to porn or sports betting or whatever.

  13. There was a post saying a person lying about taking the pill is rape... Nope it isn't either, that s just shitty.

  14. Exactly once you include lieing then it’s just cause numbers to skyrocket burying actual victim’s voices.

  15. So horrific bc it says she was trying to kill herself over a guy. I cant imagine she wants to live now. I dont want to hear about her finding jesus in prison. This has probably been a lifetime of monstrous acts.

  16. Not sure what’s less of a vacation… that fiscal agenda or grassley family reunion

  17. Republicans in the 80s used to be the smart-ass science guys and now theyre the guys just way too eager for little girls that are raped to have their rapist’s babies… like they have not put forth any strict rape legislation. Nothing that says “not on my watch.” But a lot of “all these girls should definitely be going to school pregnant with their rapist’s baby…”

  18. Im a little paranoid and u always hear warnings that being asked the time is before a mugging, so I feel like there might be something else. I like to think Im a cute girl and I tell cute guys they have a cute dog all the time. But im really just honestly looking at their dog. I mean theyre decent looking guys but it’s not a ruse.

  19. There are some murderers in jail that are sorry for their crime. And they are serving life sentences. But if ur serving a life sentence, and youve committed another murder that someone had been jailed for, why not do one good thing and get that guy out? I mean that shows these are real monsters. It’s not like they were free men, not wanting to go to jail🙄

  20. Well you are an asshole bc yes, marriage gives u legal protections, but it doesnt mean your wife loves you any more than she loves the plumber. Or that she’s protected from you not fucking around on her. A lot of unmarried couples are more committed and more in love, and a lot of married couples are just smug idiots who made a calculation that this is the best they can do.

  21. I think vilifying a parent for pushing for something they are legally entitled to is an incredibly slippery slope, which was what Jamie did at the time. That was however we started seeing cracks between Jamie and Kevin, up until then it was a wall of silence and I have always wondered because Jamie was sketch as fuck (people still don’t talk enough about Jason Trawick potentially being made co-conservator).

  22. Legally entitled to and being a man and not being a piece of shit are all different

  23. ETA: I think people do feel used after sex and some of it is that there’s a crazy expectation of how good sex should be the first time. Also, the dating game seems meaner on both sides.

  24. And surprisingly it only took two seconds of looking in your comment history to find disgusting misogyny...

  25. I tried to screenshot the transcript of the shole thing but it boils down to two addicts acting up and the two voices talking about how amber claimed responsibility for the attack. You can scroll and listen to the 10 minutes. More importantly, it wasnt a bunch of people attending to her injuries.

  26. This is making me think female bodyguard to oversee this whole situation. Im picturing melissa mccarthy in bridesmaids

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