1. How the fuck has the South got too progressive?

  2. If it helps explain things she's super Catholic yet literally thinks Trump is the second coming of Jesus. Yes I actually mean literally not figuratively.

  3. You need a new girlfriend my dude, or are you talking about her mother?

  4. Her father's wife. Don't worry my girlfriend is a normie lib.

  5. I kinda want to see it because Lee Pace is in it.

  6. I loved the first season and thought the second was really good.

  7. Personally I thought the second season was kind of an incomprehensible mess.

  8. I’m not looking to pick a fight, I just want to point out. Anytime anyone says “I worked my ass off to pay them off” or any other version of that statement when discussing student loans, creates the implication that people who talk about student loan forgiveness are lazy, had a stupid major, is looking for a hand out or not Willing to work. It simply isn’t true, and minimizes and oversimplifies a complicated issue.

  9. Anyone who is demanding universal forgiveness (of any amount really, but especially total forgiveness) is asking to give relief to a large number of people who don't need it and frankly don't deserve it. And it's a lot of people who are demanding that.

  10. Do you know how the U.S. defines unemployed? It's the amount of people applied for unemployment. If your unemployment runs out, regardless of you getting a job or not you are no longer counted towards the unemployment rate.

  11. Sorry for responding to something months later but in case anyone is reading this the unemployment rate is not based on unemployment insurance but on statistical polling. The quoted link says why it's not done by unimployment benefits. Saying "some people think it's done that way" is not an indication that it's actually done that way.

  12. I hate that the democratic primaries elevated like him and Tulsi. And Clinton was right, as usual.

  13. What kind of organization does leadership votes with unverified online accounts to begin with?

  14. Trump's lost Alex Jones, who's now supporting DeSantis and said he is "unbelievably good"

  15. He's actually been saying that for months now.

  16. They finally did it. A school library finally removed the Bible (and a bunch of books that had much more of a right to belong there).

  17. If I were a Christo-fascist I wouldn't want people actually reading the Bible either.

  18. I'm taking some small consolation from the fact that 29% of Republicans in Wyoming cast their vote for someone who has been saying loudly into every possible microphone that Donald Trump is unfit for the presidency, a threat to democracy, and should never hold office again. That's got to count for something.

  19. Sadly that number is significantly inflated by Biden voters crossing over.

  20. I'd prefer Liz Cheney over a crazy person but at this point, the gop is beyond saving. Let them become the Marjorie Taylor green Lauren Boebert Donald Trump party. Let's see how that works out for them

  21. My basic opinion is that democracy is probably not going to be saved because 2% of House Republicans are pro-democracy over just 1%.

  22. Republicans have been doing a lot of lying about what they could do with Biden's veto in place...

  23. Lol, so DePerno raised $577K but has only $126K on hand? Where is he spending this money? Maybe in legal fees or something. I haven't seen or heard a single ad from him.

  24. Would be funny if he spent it fundraising.

  25. at this rate, the Democratic primary is gonna have like 10 votes lol

  26. You just know some goofball's gonna write in Cheney for the Dem primary.

  27. It’s worth remembering that the GOP voters did not believe Moore was a child predator. They believed the entire thing was just the liberal media trying to do a hit job on a conservative candidate. People who voted for Moore weren’t thinking “better a child predator than a Democrat” but rather “better a principled conservative who the liberal media hates than someone who supports baby murder.”

  28. That's probably true to a significant extent but I guarantee you that there were Roy Moore voters who did actually believe he was a child molester but still thought that was better than a Democrat because something something abortion.

  29. Alabama elected Tommy Tuberville over Doug Jones. It boggles my mind.

  30. It's an R+1000000 state so they're going to pick the Republican unless they're really extraordinarily terrible like Roy Moore.

  31. The POLITICO piece on the NRSC is even worse for GOP than the earlier NY Times report.

  32. This after they spent $1m in CO and WA for ads that aired like a week ago.


  34. I had to dig to find it but it looks like their models are based around an RCP 4.5 emissions pathway. While that's far from the most pessismistic outcome I think we can realistically do a bit better.


  36. Alan has been implicated yes. He also wrote an disgusting op-Ed about the age of consent

  37. Jesus. It basically boils down to "teenage girls are having sex with teenage boys so why can't I have sex with them too?"

  38. I hope Crist and FL-DEM hit DeSantis hard for going around the country stumping for absolute bottom of the barrel Republican gubernatorial and senate candidates.

  39. Sure wish Florida primaries weren't so damn late.


  41. ... and over him framing his scoffing at Marjorie as "look what Democrats made her do this time" while not even really supporting the FBI!

  42. Gerald Ford literally saw his entire political career go down the shitter because he pardoned Nixon, who had basically made him. Biden actually said during the campaign that he would not pardon Trump. Biden has no material interest in pardoning Trump, it would be political suicide.

  43. Furthermore Ford only pardoned Nixon for acts he committed as president. Absolving Trump would almost certainly mean pardoning him for acts committed as a former president.

  44. I'll give them this: while I strongly believe that Biden won't do that, livid wouldn't even begin to describe it if he does.

  45. I am incredibly confident that he wouldn't do this. But if we really want to entertain extremely unlikely hypotheticals I'd say that if he pardons Trump he's getting primaried for sure. And he'd deserve to lose.

  46. So they've gone from saying he didn't break the law to saying the law is bad. Sorry bro but even if you were able to repeal it that won't absolve him.

  47. I’m personally not worried about Biden pardoning Trump, but is there anything stopping a future Republican president from pardoning him?

  48. No and if he's convicted I expect pardoning him to be a major campaign plank for the GOP nominee.

  49. Turned on Licorice Pizza for five minutes and it's already grosser than I imagined

  50. I dunno what it's about but the title sure sounds gross.

  51. OK, this is potentially embarrassing, but what's the reference

  52. House has to initiate spending bills, either chamber can initiate other legislation. But even then I think there's some loopholes by which the Senate can bypass that.

  53. Technically this requirement only applies to bills that explicitly raise revenue. Don't ask me how that doesn't apply to this bill. Maybe it falls under amendments to revenue raising which are actually allowed to originate in the Senate.

  54. Dennis Hastert has a significantly worse legacy than Boehner and Ryan combined.

  55. His legacy is making Newt Gingrich's look slightly less terrible in comparison.

  56. Thanks Chip Roy, we'll be sure to let every voter know!

  57. We should, but it's really embarrassing that a House member thinks the government works like this. They shut down the government by letting funding expire without passing a new budget bill, not whenever they happen to feel like it.

  58. This is where I think most leftists like BJG miss me.

  59. Ugh now I'm worried someone's going to make a conservative civil war fantasy movie...


  61. I guess in crazy Trump cultist land Mar-a-Lago is the current seat of our federal government...

  62. I’m really curious what GOP leadership will say. Mitch and Graham were pretty cautious in their responses to the initial news of the FBI warrant search. I’m sure the America First portion will stand firm in their defense of the former president.

  63. Zero chance that the sedition caucus doesn't double down in defending Trump and attacking the FBI. McCarthy might just go quiet.

  64. "We shouldn't nominate Bernie in 2020 because he'll be too old to run for a second term" - No Bernie supporter ever

  65. This transformation has been several years in the making.

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