1. Hi! I had Verizon in the US, and I did the "port number to Google Voice" process, and it has worked BEAUTIFULLY for me. I've been in Spain for nearly a year now (for context). To answer your questions, I'm going to repost a post from the Auxiliares de Conversacion Facebook group that really convinced me to go that route. Also, I did get GoogleFi, and it has also been great!

  2. Do you know why you have to be in the u.s. to port your number? Could I work around this with a vpn?

  3. I haven’t yet, but I’m placed there too!

  4. Oh yay! I’ve been wondering if there would be other auxes. Want to exchange socials to keep in touch?

  5. It's not carry-on compliant. Can someone get away with taking it onboard? Perhaps, but that's highly dependent on the part of the world you're flying, the airline, the overhead bin size, how crowded the flight is, how observant the gate agent is, etc. I can tell you that if you're taking discount airlines in many parts of the world this bag would not fly (literally!) as a carry-on. You would get stopped, the bag would be gate-checked and you would have to pay a penalty fee on top of it. Keep in mind that some airlines have weight restrictions as well as size ones, and a 55L pack would almost certainly be too heavy.

  6. Got it, thanks! Does the rei bag have external sleeping pad straps?

  7. I have the same question, I sent mine in with no return envelope and am hoping to pick it up

  8. I didn’t realize you could mail in your visa documents, I thought SF was in person only! Also, how did you organize to get them to send your visa back once they process all of your documents?

  9. I haven’t done anything to get it back. I live in sf and am planning on picking it up

  10. Oh I gotcha, I live in Idaho so that’s great news that I can mail my application in, but I need to figure out a way to have them process my visa documents and mail it back to me, that would save me a ton of money!

  11. I bet a pre addressed envelope works

  12. The San Francisco consulate told you this? They don't have it on the website

  13. This is wrong, only apostille and translated

  14. Tbh it doesn’t matter where you live, there’s always fun places to go but Alonso Martinez is a party zone but can be expensive. Any budget in mind?

  15. Less than 500 euros for a room

  16. Then look in Argüelles. Lot of university students there, party area and not that far from your workplace.

  17. $50 for fingerprints from usps

  18. Just use the form, it’s easier than having them write their own letter. Yes, you can use that form.

  19. but it does not need to be on an official letterhead?

  20. Thoughts on this for daily driver? Kill shot replacement type?

  21. I live in sf and have yet to receive my placement (Madrid was 1st choice) through nalcap. Will this be an issue for me?

  22. congrats! What name and description did you give each document? Sorry for pestering but I'm nervous

  23. I am in the same boat. Also what is your number, mine is all weird: 22_2AXC000248

  24. does it have the weird numbers before it? Or is it only 179?

  25. The person on the other end has the option to set an icon up. They may have chosen that yellow option

  26. Ah interesting, how do I make an icon?

  27. Can someone recommend me more G Herbo songs like this? This may be the hardest song I've heard in a long time. The only project I've heard from him before is Sessions.

  28. Got you bro. Him and lil Bibby did a lot of work together. I’d recommend both.

  29. sick video, great plays, too bad every single one was dangerous and also a travel!!!

  30. Facts, he always establishes a pivot foot before skying people. A jumping travel is absurd!

  31. How's the sizing on sperrys? Similar to other brands?

  32. I would probably just spend a little more on a something a bit better. If you take into account $100-150 in parts and labor I think you would be better off just buying a newer and lighter bike. I would go for something like this

  33. Thanks, I’ll give those a look

  34. For 30 it's a deal you ate going to spend. about, 100 or so getting it to safe riding status, breaks cables chain and lube job wheel trueing (making sure they don't wobble and the spokes don't break). But over all even with out anything but replacing the breaks at least should be a good bike

  35. but the overall quality of the bike seems good? Any red flags to look for tomorrow (like a scratched off serial number)?

  36. does it hurt more in the morning when you first wake up and then lessen throughout the day? Does it hurt when you raise your toes up?

  37. It hurts more as the day progresses. And is only bad when I wear my cleats or a pair of tight vans.

  38. Bought a better sweater from goodwill. I’m assuming that the previous owner put in the dryer too hot because it is small for Patagonia medium and the zipper is wavy and warped.

  39. One of the college championships with Florida (I think 2013) is garbage and on YouTube

  40. Yammy gang is easily the best no cap

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