what is the weirdest advice you have heard that is strangely effective??

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  1. I got Catfished once. Maybe that's not the right term. It would have been perfect for

  2. Yes but men does it more efficiently as bad as it sounds. Women mostly choose overdose but men choose quick death like gun, noose etc.

  3. Right! Another interesting stat I'll try to remember as best I can: women get in more car accidents, men's car accident result in more deaths and injuries.

  4. If you think about it for a bit it makes sense

  5. Men. We're here to chew bubble gum and fuck shit up, and we're all out of bubble gum.

  6. Minecraft. I haven't played in a while, but I've been playing it since like 2012

  7. I started playing it in 2010 or so? Played a fuck ton, stopped playing, had kids, now I play with my kids.

  8. I pulled the reverse, and got my parents to play it lol

  9. Well done! I tried to get my dad into it so he could play with his grand kids, but he is not technologically inclined.

  10. Bill Cosby had a joke that was basically this. It was funny, before he was widely known to be a monster. Now you've said and it can be funny again. Thank you.

  11. I can make stuff in excel. Into to coding in high school circa 2006 was VBA which we used through excel.

  12. Since vinyl records have made a comeback, I really want radio plays to come back. They could very easily make the jump to the serialized podcast format.

  13. YES! Bring back The Shadow (brought to you by Blue Coal).

  14. New episode for every new universe, or new season per universe?

  15. Tired. Bored. Worked the night shift (still at work) and not really looking forward to anything.

  16. It kinda makes you not give a shit, right?

  17. I'm sure there is a reason to be happy everyday..

  18. Surely, there is. But I don't feel it every day. Most! Which is an improvement, but not every.

  19. I get you and thank you for answering. Made me smile.

  20. I understand the question, but the pairing of "consistent" and "random" feels like an oxymoron to me.

  21. Still plugging away at it, trying to become a YT star...

  22. Don't be shy. Where's the link to your channel and what kind of toys do you review?

  23. Freedom of thought and opinion is a human right isn't it?

  24. Right?! I'm allowed to have an opinion about anything I want. As it happens, my opinion is that women (people in general) should have autonomy.

  25. I used to produce podcasts for friends. Never made a dollar. Fun though.

  26. Yes, I do understand your point, but I love splitting hairs

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