1. She’s my rep now and I think she’s not a centrist lol probably left of Joe Manchin

  2. How would you think he online class is? How are his exams/assignments? Lockdown?

  3. quit accounting, your life will be better man.

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  5. Your title suggested a totally different kind of story

  6. What calculator do you need? I may have one here at home and I can just give it to you

  7. Would someone with zero coding knowledge an average math background (although my stats grade was high) and a solid attitude be able to pass?

  8. I’ve been saying this! KPMG gets a lot of shit but it’s actually a decent firm to work for

  9. KPMG, liking the people you work with goes so far. And it pays the most from what you’ve said

  10. I concur to this. Like it was unreal. Very nice people and wanted to work everyday because of them

  11. F to my friends who stayed for a 5-9% raise versus the 15-30% comp increase that they turned down because they got sweet talked by the directors

  12. Fishbowl had a question like this and comments were more positive with Accenture.

  13. Hi, also a victim of this bait and switch thing. Lmk if you want a referral elsewhere. Big 4 is notorious in doing this bs.

  14. Just don’t. If a company outsource their recruiters they can outsource your job too.

  15. That they falsely advertise a role to be something other than what it really is. The job description is even vague about what your real responsibilities actually are because they want to be able to deploy you wherever.

  16. I did one Risk Advisory job at one of my old firms before Big4. I don't even put it on my resume. That department needed help so I was the lucky one picked out of my LoS

  17. Yeah I didn’t add the few weeks I did in Tech Assurance. It won’t help my resume. May even be a liability

  18. For all you forensic science and especially cyber and accounting students out there, remember to apply for government ones too! FBI, state labs, etc.

  19. Am I the only one who had a nice working experience at a Big 4? Honestly if they didn’t lie to me about IT Audit and kept me in Advisory where my engagement was, I would’ve stayed. But they’re liars so bye lmao

  20. I’m sure everyone has a different experience. My experience has been awful so far so I’m seeking a change.

  21. Nice I didnt know they did a collective disconnect as well! How do you like the culture? I work for Deloitte and have thoughts of applying elsewhere to get into a more technical field.

  22. I really liked the culture at KPMG Advisory! I was staffed with them for almost a year. Just left because the Audit folks wouldn’t let me go to Advisory 😂

  23. Sorry to hear that! What route did you end up taking?

  24. Hey, you probably applied to experienced roles. For KPMG, campus hires are sourced through KpmgCampus. Hope this helps.

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