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  1. Medyo nakaka-trauma na rin yung pagchat-chat sayo ng old friends pag name mo lang yung chat nila and hindi naman kayo madalas nang mag-usap. Iisipin mo pa if magrereply ka tapos pag nagreply ka, manghihiram lang pera. :/

  2. Gamitin mo ang "wala nga din akong pera mamsh eh, may utang pa ko sa kapitbahay ko"

  3. A walrus showing up on a local beach is something to be sad about. Poor walruses.

  4. Nope. If I inherited a land, I would just have a farm, plant trees, and plants, built a small house, and take care of animals. I would just read a lot. And then travel from time to time.

  5. Na-experience ko rin yan, OP at naiintindihan ko na sobrang hirap. Yung pagpopost mo pa lang nito, alam mo ng may mali sa sarili mo at buhay mo. All I wanna say is sometimes, other people can't save you. You gotta save yourself. Yun lang, op. :)

  6. I’m not sure what’s happening with “modern poetry “, if this is a current poet, but it’s beginning to bother me. To me this is the closest to prose writing I’ve seen. There’s not a single allusion , metaphor,simile,or other poetic device. He does handle the line breaks fairly well. They don’t ,for the most part simply run into the next line, but do have a sense of anticipation for the next line. I’ve noticed the comments on here, where the people don’t seem to be able to separate the message from the medium. They base their “enjoyment “ on the message and not the presentation . If they like the message “que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the future’s not ours to see” at least rhymes. There are some poets who create tonal poems ( Mary Oliver) to develop an ambiance making the reader feel the instance and the emotions she feels, but this poem doesn’t even attempt that. My real point is he so much modern poetry doesn’t make the reader use their mind or their heart. It lays it out like a one course meal. Eat this or starve because this is all you get, this and no dessert. Now for you readers that enjoy really interesting poetry, watch the downvotes here for the type of poetry people are enjoying. As for the type of person that enjoys this, I just wish I could show them really interesting poetry.

  7. Mary Oliver is my favorite poet. And yes, this writing style can't be compared with how Oliver and other classical authors weave words together. I just like the message of this "poem". :)

  8. This is from one of my favourite books: The parents tao te Ching. It’s not a completely original poem by Martin but a reinterpretation of the tao re Ching through the lens of parenting. There are 81 other verses of this and all just as poignant and full of wisdom. Get this book if you have kids!

  9. Not to discourage you but everyone I know na nagpa- 5-6, nagkasakit ng malubha.

  10. It sounds like you're still young—no need to beat yourself up too much. If you're interested in IT, then go and start learning it. Life is not linear. It's ok to change paths again and again.

  11. Aside from cats, ang nakatulong sakin para makakawala sa sleep paralysis ay yung lukutin daw yung mukha. Nabasa ko sa google and nagawa ko na rin. Effective. Lukutin yung mukha yung parang nakaamoy ka ng mabaho ganun.

  12. Try mo rin galawin yung toes mo and mga daliri mo sa kamay. Nabasa ko rin yun. It worked for my sis and me.

  13. i was about to suggest that! some people believe that cats shoo negative energy away, that’s why pag natatakot ako umihi mag-isa i’ll snatch any of my cats with me for protection 🤣

  14. Totoo 'to. Nung nagalaga na ko ng mga pusa, hindi na ko nakakakita hahaha.

  15. Imagine boomer/middle class/rich person nagsabi nito. Pano pa kaya yung mga billionaire anong tingin nila sa mga tao.

  16. Engage. Comment and share posts. In time, someone will reach out to you.

  17. Kinakasal lang yung mga yan pero they are also trying to figure things out with their lives. Akala lang natin na ok na pag "settled down" na. Pero maraming adults, lost pa rin at di alam ginagawa sa buhay. :)

  18. Gad, mag-1 month pa lang ako sa freelancing, but I'm so exhausted. Mas pagod ako compared nung nasa corpo. Hopefully mas ma-manage ko ng maayos time ko in the following months.

  19. I came from IT and shifted into a writing career. I love to write. I thought a writing career would be amazing. But copywriting and content writing is such soulless work. The number of words I write to get people to buy/subscribe to this or that is... meh.

  20. The Emperor's Soul is my first Sanderson book. It touched my heart.

  21. I manifested a work that is in day shift and with the salary that I want. So much love. <3

  22. That's exactly it. I don't understand how people don't "get" this. It's obvious and it's beautiful.

  23. I didn't get it. I've never been in love. But I appreciate the art.

  24. I saw a similar episode in Night on Earth. And speaking of Planet Earth, the walrus episode made me bawl my eyes out.

  25. Me too. I don't know what to do, but I want to do something. That episode made me so so sad.

  26. Pag first time, mangagapa ka pa talaga at makakaranas ka ng mga di magagandang clients. Hone some skills then apply ka sa ibang roles. In time, pag medyo mas may confidence ka na, makakanap ka rin ng mas ok na clients.

  27. Goodness friend, manghihiram ka na naman, di mo pa nga nababayaran utang mong 5k last June :(

  28. Di sa nilelet go pero more of, pili lang binibigyan ko ng access sa buhay ko. Like sa other socmed ko i dont really post much abt me, my work and relationships. I dont see the need to update everyone but of theyll hit me up, nagrereply naman ako

  29. it's kinda exhausting na rin kasi to socialize if wala ka na care sa mga bagay na sinasabi nila even in chats/gc

  30. I-mute mo lang teh. Ganyan ako haha tapos backread nalang pag trip

  31. Loved the first and second books. Then it all went downhill. The series gets worse and worse especially book 4.

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