1. great looking watch, do you know what the lug to lug width is? thanks!

  2. Thanks! Not sure how accurate this is but unused a fat caliper lol. Came out to 46mm. Measured just under 2 inches.

  3. They have excellent Eco drive watches, I own three different models.

  4. The one I was gifted years ago still works very well. Might grab another one some time soon 😅

  5. Oh for sure. Was just asking about the quality on the Seiko, not which one I should buy.

  6. Yeah 😅 also saw a green one SUR449. Kinda sexy too

  7. not my style - no opinion

  8. And for just Ani and Fan your Flames?

  9. Would you be open to selling? Or just looking to trade?

  10. Nice mix to cover any occasion/season.

  11. Its still summer, but rocking some Xerjoff Naxos in the aircon office :)

  12. I am looking forward to wearing Naxos in the summer here in Chicago. You wouldnt suggest it?

  13. I think it works, but most think of it as more cool weather

  14. I just recently purchased it in the beginning of Winter and it works great but I can see why this could work well in the summer as well. Also picked up Hacivat and looking forward to that one :)

  15. Just got PDM Layton. I kinda regret buying it. It’s good but I wasn’t blown away. I have TF Tobacco Vanille and it’s good but not mind blowing. Also have TF Oud Wood, I love the scent. Amazing for fall/winter but on me it doesn’t last long and I’ll have to do a touch up spray after 3-4 hours.

  16. i feel like TF in general dont last long :(

  17. I agree however, ombré leather parfum last all day on me. That’s the only one.

  18. actually you right on that. even the EDP was good performance.

  19. First, a back up bottle of YSL Tuxedo 4.2 for $144 and now this. 3.4 fl oz Backup bottle for my Hacivat.

  20. YSL Tuxedo 4.2 FL OZ for an absolute steal. so happy to have a back up bottle :P

  21. Congrats on the new Indiana Jones movie. Saw the commercial during the super bowl!

  22. For which one? I still see them.

  23. I had a sample that was potent, loved it and bought a bottle back in October. I was pretty disappointed with the bottle and almost sold it... it did however get stronger and stronger as each month passed. Wearing 2 sprays today and its pretty strong now. Must just need to oxidize once you use a little and let it sit.

  24. I did not want to risk holding on to it and it doesnt get stronger. Ended up returning it. Luckily FragranceBuy were cool with the return :)

  25. I was thinking of picking up a bottle of Mercedes Club Black , but I am curious where does it stand in comparison to all those other more expensive fragrances in your collection.

  26. I personally really like it. Definitely a bit more synthetic than the niche stuff BUT still an amazing fragrance. On my skin I get that rum, dark vanilla dry down. I actually like wearing it a lot to bed. Cozy.

  27. Fixed. I dont know what it’s selling for.

  28. Is the DG intense men or women version?

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