My mom held a graduation party today and no one came.

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  1. I stopped at 32nd to smoke a joint with a stranger. Currently on my way.

  2. I'm downloading and dumping my extra money

  3. I just wish I was there to live stream me drinking and enjoying the game with her breaking down in the background.

  4. In donating to max after watching this.

  5. Sir what you’re smelling is Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body works which was the teen girl equivalent to axe body spray.

  6. Every girlfriend I had from middle school to high school smelled exactly like this.

  7. So like they didn’t say that they couldn’t make it? That usually gives an idea

  8. OP didn't reply to this question anywhere in the sub.

  9. Eh, you cost yourself 5k for betting on Draymond. Dude is way too volatile. I learned my lesson with him similar to you lol.

  10. Exactly this. He proved it too many times just this season alone

  11. That's not prepay. That's just using your card. Prepay is going inside and paying with cash.

  12. All that yelling just to get slapped like a pimps bottom bitch 🤣🤣

  13. It's s staged video. I'm sorry that needed to be said.

  14. Any chance it's a shared wall in a duplex?

  15. Did you want the cans? I'm usually pleased when people take mine

  16. It's 5 cents per can recycled. Yes, I wanted them.

  17. Oh ok, just was curious. We have a deposit/return where I live too, but I just put them out for the city to take them. The amount of beer and seltzer I drink I probably should return them myself, but never get around to it.

  18. Got ya. For me, I rinse the cans and bottles from my work and recycle those too. I usually make one trip a month, and will get anywhere between $125-150.

  19. What's a pitching out? It doesn't clarify it in the FAQ

  20. That's such a strange way to phrase it. Why not just put outs? Lol

  21. I'm guessing OP just didn't like this chick.

  22. I'll never forget when my brother irritated a camel at the fair and got a face full of spit.

  23. I hope they like the rodents that are now actively seeking shelter in your home since you cut the brush and shoo off their natural predators.

  24. All good, I'm sure he'll be wearing heavy duty diapers

  25. I'd be peeing my pants too, if I got to watch this team from the dugout.

  26. If it's thr first ever wash, take it to a pro. I had an autograph sharpie leak on an authentic jersey during a signing session. My local dry cleaner was able to take it all off the front, and a faint bleed through on the back.

  27. I don't understand the disrespect for Sweeney. Is it cause he was a Dodger at one point? He's not bad at all.

  28. Love how there's armed guard already there . Haha , merica . I live in Canada and just can't imagine a armed guard always on duty

  29. If it's in an outlet mall like mine is, they have security their for all the stores and restaurants.

  30. 100% my mom. Except she had her own TV in her room, and insisted on watching in the living room. Could we use her TV? absolutely not.

  31. I had this in my shoes when I was 5.

  32. One of the local quick stores here can't sell hot food on EBT. So he broke down the cost of the sandwiches and bagels into the cold ingredients and cooks them free of charge. So for EBT, you can order 2 slices of bread, 2 pieces of meat, one piece of cheese, and use the complimentary toppings available on your card and then he cooks it. Super clever what they come up with.

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