1. You seem to have a cool undertone and yellowish overtone that is emphasized by warm colors. Agree you’re some kind of summer, if not winter because the deep cool colors are flattering.

  2. I was shocked because I thought it was a question if she would even move forward!

  3. All you need to see is the cool red of 6 to see you are a winter. The autumn colors drain you, so Idk why you’re getting autumn!

  4. In the minority here, but I like hair # 3 bc it brings life to your face; # 4 would be my second choice, but it still fades you a bit imo. # 1 & 2 drain you, and # 6 is not bad but a bit too warm. I don’t think any of the super bright lipsticks work—they overwhelm you; 13 is not bad, though. # 10 is prob the most flattering to my eye, with 8 after that. I’m not certain that you are spring and wouldn’t rule out summer.

  5. I love Miami for exactly 5 days. After that it’s literally boring. It’s overly Hispanic to the point, and there is an undercurrent of racial prejudice in the nightlife that can ruin your day if you don’t know anyone there. It feels pretty superficial and materialistic, and coming from a NYer that’s pretty bad to say that. Cuisine is great, but you can find that cuisine in NYC for less money. Wynwood felt soulless, like it’s how a rich person always imagined an art neighborhood should look like, no authenticity. But still pretty nice to visit.

  6. I live in NYC, and the thing I least like about it is that the whole city can be a giant circle jerk! 😆

  7. I think you are winter because the cool colors add life to your skin. Probably bright winter.

  8. No idea why people are saying you are cool toned. You definitely are warm. Most likely the confusion stems from the fact that the lighting and camera-tone varies a lot between pictures. Eg: the pink sweater pic is well lit and generally a nice photo, but that doesn’t mean you are cool just because you look good in a pink sweater!

  9. Yes. You seem cool toned. Black and white are great; olive does nothing for you.

  10. I think people’s screens are warping the colors bc not only do your veins look blue to me, your skin looks very blue/pink cool.

  11. The cool colors are amazing on you—optic white, black, silvery gray. Bc light icy colors also suit you, I think you are true winter. The bright warm colors bring out shadows on your skin and make you look sallow. The “you’re autumn/spring” folks are looking at your overtone, not how the colors interact with your skin. 😊

  12. The worst part is knowing you have brought them into a rapidly deteriorating world & a dying planet

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