When I was 17 I killed a man

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  1. That is good to hear! I am only on 30mg, and my doc just recommended going up to 60 but I just wanted to make sure I’d considered everything before making the increase (the dose adjustment period is a little uncomfortable for me). But it may just be that I need a higher dose and then I’ll be good!

  2. Honestly I had been on 30mg for years, and it helped, but when I went up to 60 I had such a reduction in pain, it was crazy and amazing!

  3. Sunny D is my current fav cult strain! I’ve found that it also mixes nicely with CBD flower

  4. When my general practitioner suggested a new medicine, he asked me to take a couple of weeks to read about it and come back to him. It felt a bit strange but actually it was great - I felt empowered in my treatment, taken seriously and eventually confirmed I wanted to try it. Luckily that drug was also helpful. Point is, I was grateful to be involved in the choice since I was the one bearing all the consequences.

  5. Hello kitty! She has been with me my whole life. When I was little, I once aspired to have a whole house full of hello kitty stuff after seeing a hello kitty toaster at target. Now that I think about it, I’m really letting my younger self down rn xD

  6. Absolutely!,I have,a black sheep the represents,that Exile. ( That has been my,family role" I also specifically let a,young part of me choose and now I have a,stuffed elephant.

  7. My SO comes from a great family and has basically zero trauma, and the resentment I have towards him and how he clearly can’t understand anything I’m going through can be really hard to handle. Even tho he does a great job of being as supportive as he can. But I know for a fact if I was in a relationship with someone with any issues at all I would not be able to be there for them. Honestly I just don’t think I’m healed enough to be with anyone at all but here I am.

  8. Yessss same. Always saying “you’re so difficult” like no mom you just suck.

  9. “Love exists in the ‘real world’.”

  10. Exactly. It turns out the real world (in all its flaws) is still safer and kinder than the home I grew up in. Who knew.

  11. Happy holidays! Just discovered that sunny d and banana mac at a 1:3 ratio is fucking transcendent :)

  12. All the time...pretty much persistently, actually.

  13. I do the same thing! It’s like oh yeah, that’s how I talk. Look at this proof that I interact with other real humans.

  14. Can confirm. Have a friend who survived a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He’s still totally with it but he is quite disabled.

  15. Told you that blue lighter was perfect! Glad to hear you’re enjoying!

  16. The only thing I’ve ever really been addicted to is nicotine. And as soon as I realized I was truly addicted to it, I freaked out, literally screamed YOU CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO, and stopped. The lack of autonomy that comes with addiction, along with the shame, is simply way stronger than any addiction could ever be for me. That’s just me tho.

  17. Well it’s on most websites online telling to wait a month lol and some cbd suppliers tell you to wait a while.

  18. Ngl if a seller is telling you to “wait a while” their product probably sucks xD I have never heard that and any good CBD product I’ve tried has worked immediately for me.

  19. Omg. It’s like we have the same mom. I’ve been having a lot of health issues lately and I feel like she’s taken that opportunity to “win me back” (since moving away from her, which she threw a fit about when it happened) by smothering me and endlessly “checking up on me”. I finally told her I needed some space and she has gone radio silent. It scared me too because that has NEVER happened. Right now I am dealing with that aftermath (scared, angry, confused etc). I don’t know what’s coming next and didn’t expect it to be so hard to process. But yeah…I feel you. Being able to articulate that is a big deal. I hope we both make great progress from this realization. It is a breakthrough isn’t it.

  20. My bf and I love getting gyros from Noma by Al Amir (north main area) they have a special for them on tuesdays

  21. This was literally me with my mom yesterday…I really hope I can finally start going low-contact…I just always end up still seeing her (thanks fawn response)

  22. Hi! Curious how this compares to CBG in terms of both effects and smoking experience (the CBG flower I have is super dry, and SUPER harsh to smoke)

  23. The CBG flower I got from Dad Grass was sticky and not a harsh smoke. It also got me pretty high.

  24. Interesting! I got mine from horn creek hemp, it’s the only CBG flower I’ve tried. Made my chest burn and my brain feel stupid…like not high just…dumb n slow xD might have to give Dad Grass a try!

  25. 100%. It’s maddening because I feel like no one knows me at all, even if they think they do.

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