We’re Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, costars of the upcoming film RENFIELD, here to answer all your questions about bugs, bad bosses, and everything in between. AMA!

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  1. Mr Hoult, how does Count Dracula compare to Immortan Joe in regards to being your boss?

  2. I absolutely hate Dobby, both in the books and in the movies. He's like a smaller Jar-Jar Binks.

  3. Having listened to the audio books so much as a teen, I have a huge dislike for all house elves on principle. Stephen Fry did an amazing job reading the HP books, but there was no way he, or anyone, can read all the Dobby, Winky, even Kreacher dialogue without coming across as annoying.

  4. Yeah as I said supporting roles. Another one, sadly is Gilderoy Lockhart. That fool. His role was necessary though.

  5. I always figured Lockhart would have been sorted into Hufflepuff, rather than Ravenclaw. But that's me, maybe his wavy blonde hair just makes me think Hufflepuff for some reason?

  6. Supposedly, that's what Moody is there for, to make sure none of that happens. But I think we can assume Harry's somehow bound to participate in the contest because of the Goblet. Hermione drew up her own version of a magical contract - the DA list - and it had consequences for Marietta when she breached it.

  7. But Krum and Fleur both fail to complete the final task, heck Fleur failed to complete the second task too. If Harry is breaking the contract by forfeiting a task, then surely Krum and Fleur should also face the same consequences? Fleur seems fine after the second task, and Krum is fine after the third.

  8. Krum and Fleur both attempted the task(s) though. They tried and failed, which is different, I think, from not trying or making a half-hearted attempt. Not that I don't agree that the whole 'binding magical contract' is hooey she made up to force Harry into being in the tournament because it suited the plot.

  9. Which begs the question if Harry got unlucky in the first task and got horrifically injured by the horntail, so injured that he couldn’t compete for the remainder of the tasks, is he still under contract? If he slipped on the grand staircase on his way to the second task would the contract know the difference between unwilling to play vs too injured? It seriously bothers me how big of a hand wave the magical binding contract is and how no one, not even Dumbledore, tries to investigate it. Rather they just shrug and just go along with this clearly incredibly suspicious goblet hoodwinkery.

  10. Whereas Niles prefers Jung, so no blaming mother today!

  11. I'd shave my head for you, brother

  12. A gesture that grows less significant with each passing year

  13. I fee like this helmet originally had transparent shield that didn't work on set, so it had to be removed.

  14. I believe it's a B-Wing helmet, they have a cloth/canvas part that goes across the top, and sometimes have the transparent shield over the eyes (though google images show some do, some don't). I guess Rookie One drew the short straw.

  15. The imperfections of stop-motion somehow makes it seem more threatening probably because the creatures seem more otherwordly

  16. Harryhausen had to un-learn of lot of animation techniques to give Talos the jerky unnatural movement, as he's meant to be made entirely out of bronze.

  17. There’s actually a deleted scene they shot but didn’t finish which brings way more to the character in just a minute and a half:

  18. whilst I appreciate more material for John Boyega to work with, I don't personally like the scene. If anything it just makes Phasma look even dumber, more willing to shoot her own men than the ex-stormtrooper. Part of me wonders if they could have let her survive TLJ and have her be the spy in the First Order instead, give her something to do.

  19. That's the point though. Phasma's entire motive is that she puts herself above anything and anyone to survive. In her comic book she did the same thing many times. It's great. In this deleted scene she's as true to her own character as she's ever been. Hopefully one day if you have time you can read the Phasma comics, the movies may have been disappointing but the comics are not

  20. Macready's thing was probably more smarter. It definitely played a long term plan, eliminating all other 'things'. So at the end, he would be the only dominant one. All others showed their basic parasitic needs, showing off, making themselfs visible and vulnerable. If Macready's Thing assimilated him in the beginning, then that's the smartest parasite out of all others.

  21. The blood test proved MacReady wasn't a Thing, blood-things can't/won't/don't behave like the whole-things. So unless MacReady somehow became infected (he doesn't actually come in physical contact with another Thing after the blood test scene.) It seems very unlikely MacReady was infected, and I feel the same way about Childs too. Whilst it's possible he could be a Thing, it's unlikely.

  22. BJ is LEAGUES beyond Trapper in just about any category.

  23. Who is the superior BJ? Clean shaven or moustache?

  24. I really dislike the original movie, I don’t know why it’s held to such a high standard. I do appreciate it for Suicide is Painless though!

  25. Didn't they completely switch actors and nobody really noticed?

  26. It's still the same actor, Warwick Davis. Flitwick wasn't in PoA, but still wanting to give Davis a part they made up the Hogwarts choir conductor character for him to play. In subsequent movies the producers went along with the conductor character as Flitwick instead, probably more comfortable for Davis to play without so much makeup on.

  27. "NOOOOO! This isn't my original vision that I keep changing! Aahhhh!" - Rich Evans George Lucas

  28. Ben Solo would take severe umbrage with that statement.

  29. They’re running hot to keep her costume held together, it was the 1920s so the materials used weren’t the best.

  30. People had metal costumes (aka body armour) that held together even in fierce battles in the medieval age. No need to "stabilize" such a costume 100 years ago.

  31. the material used to make the costume was called

  32. Sega had great console names, actual names! Master System, Genesis/MegaDrive, Saturn, Dreamcast, Nomad, those are all cool names. Gone are the days of interesting console names.

  33. Great how much lore can come out of this even decades later. I can visualise that shitty little freezer even though I haven't touched the series for a couple of years.

  34. other that the text editor method, there's also the classic level skip code ctrl + alt + shift + end. You can just keep skipping levels until you reach your desired mission, but be aware you will have zero loot to spend at the equipment shop.

  35. If I had to choose a favorite scene from the sequels, this would definitely be it!

  36. I personally like the Kylo seeing Han in episode IX. The one moment I remember in the film, for all its issues that scene is genuinely moving.

  37. (when Bart is made to work with them at the DMV)

  38. I 100% thought we were going to have 3 episodes of him traveling around trying to find a memory drive. Happy they’ve moved on

  39. I thought he’d have to visit the assassin droid factories where the IG units are made, call back to the one from the book about IG-88? Find other droids or something in there

  40. I was more in the mind that the mermaids themselves would count, since they appear near human. Same as the crab riders, they look human too and both seem intelligent, and the mermaids even understand English. I think first time playing I originally put them all down as foreign enemy, then changed it to terrible beast. Did feel off, I can see the kraken and the crabs being considered beasts, but the mermaids and riders not so much. I’m guessing foreign enemy is just a placeholder until you know the answer for sure?

  41. Any idea what he's reading? Appears to have an Egyptian bust on the cover. Would track with European archeological colonialism of the time.

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