1. No. the original ones made to Bromptons take that on consideration.

  2. Sorry for the late answer: the tires are Schwalbe Marathon Racer ones. Guess I'll have to try Marathon Plus next time...

  3. I have the pluses. Never used other, that why I am on a rampage of asking about tires here in reddit. A lot of people say they are hard and the Brompton rides much better with other lighter tires. Trying to find one that has better rolling than the pluses but that don't give me (many) flats... I have about 1000 km to end my research. Didn't had a puncture in the last 10 years by only using pluses (I got then on my big bike as well for a long time).

  4. https://www.fincarionegro.com/en/welcome-finca-rio-negro-2019/

  5. A la 1.30 salen los ultimos trenes desde las cabeceras.

  6. No. Empieza cerca de las 6h y termina como 1:30h. Mejor buscar los horarios oficiales en el sitio web del metro.

  7. Media market, ifixit. About 2h and 50 euros, depending of the model.

  8. You will need: an address (no empadronamiento needed) Payslip or money/funds for 6 months of living (I think around 5k euros) A health insurance (without copago) The respective formulary fullfiled. (I think 104,dont remember the number)

  9. At retiro parque usually there are selling those in front of the main lake.

  10. This is the kind of guy that really needs the W in his life apparently. I can’t imagine wasting my time to cheat my way to a hollow victory, but this dude must be really down bad. It’s sad to think about, I hope he finds something he is actually good at in life.

  11. He's not that good at hacking if there's a reddit thread on it lol... i think the measurement for being good at hacking would be not getting caught

  12. I use one trigo mount. Not sure what you mean y universal, but it comes with the adhesive backplate to glue at your phone (case).

  13. Bad lucky. For sure they must replace it. Sorry for you...

  14. It is a landlord market. You are doing what I have done to find mine... Be quick, bring reservation money with you, and keep the faith. The agencies don't do shit for you and take your money plus IVA. If you want to avoid this fee, filter the results for find the ones that don't use agencies. This will narrow your chances, but it is possible. Good luck!

  15. Ik. But it isnt so hard to implement. If only amazfit wishes to it should be a easy update

  16. They probably could do it even for the GTR2.... But just want to sell.

  17. Yuppp. Only 1 year of software support :(

  18. Well... You get what you pay for... Don't feel like scam. They do what they said will do. I am happy with my gtr2. But if they could surprise us with a good news... :)

  19. In my maintenance maybe but you're wrong for the weight, the more you're heavy the more the chain has to support mechanical stress.

  20. I am 70kg and had to change chain and cogs at 2000km. I lube every week more or less. For your use, I think everything is like it should be. Keep pedaling and doing good maintenance like you are doing.

  21. Yep I know; first time I changed all because I was at 1%. This time I didn't wait and was just at 0,75% so just the chain.

  22. Ah, ok. I always keep on eye at the cogs for that. It can ruin a chain in a few months... KMC have several models of chains. Some lightweight, some stainless steel... Check the original Brompton specs and choose the one you like with the same specs and you be alright.

  23. Gtr2 don't have it. You will have to go to stratos line for that. I don't know if the gtr3 have it, I think it don't have, like the GTR2. Maybe someone can say that I am wrong on that...

  24. Would be nice to build schools and have gun powder units available.

  25. I enjoy going on picnics but I don't fancy carrying a backpack. I know the mini rack can't really support that much weight but I figured food won't be too heavy. I do have a borough basket, but I wanted to also utilize the rack somehow.

  26. What kickstand you went for? I am considering one to be able to use my rack more often.

  27. I ordered the Sliverock brand. It was the cheapest option I found on Amazon 😅 If it doesn't work out then I'll upgrade to a more premium one lol

  28. You should create a post like pool! That being said, as a black Brompton black edition owner, you MUST go for the more striking colour available. Picadilly blue is my vote!

  29. Ikea or chinos. If you are at the city center, the chino is a better option. Chino are stores that have everything, usually owned by chineses, hence the nickname.

  30. no punctures at all! We have Conti tyres on 2 Bromptons (each 2000km) and no punctures yet!

  31. Then for sure will change my pluses for continental....

  32. Im running pluses on my Brompton. Never had punctures in four years (9000km). I'm on my second set only after 6000km. I know it's a heavier tyres but gave me peace of mind.

  33. Yeah, I use pluses on all my bikes. Never had a puncture. But I hear so much about how better is the rolling of other tires compared to pluses, that I am inclined to try another one just to compare. I have about 3k km on my pluses that came with my Brompton. And at my touring bike about 20k km without a puncture.

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