1. FYI google maps only has scheduled times, not real time

  2. Yes, general rule of thumb is you should always be at your stop a half hour before your bus shows

  3. What’s your reasoning for that? Buses are obligated to not run early. Most often they’re running late.

  4. Take the red line. Overnight parking is a suggestion.

  5. Ask your in-laws if they know anything about baby’s born with neural tube defects or how a placenta develops to support life. Start a conversation with them about what nutrients a zygote needs to develop into a healthy embryo, what an embryo needs to develop to a fetus, and what a fetus needs to develop into a healthy baby. Regardless, take the vitamins. I

  6. I used to love Fat Cats but the owner treated their employees poorly during and after reopening from the pandemic shutdown. They apparently stole family recipes from a former employee and still serve them without compensation or consent.

  7. Hahahah I lived in Ohio City for a few years and the could see the lake for our apartment. When we moved in and asked about a/c and the landlord said we didn’t need it because of the lake breeze. We came back to our apt on Memorial Day evening and the inside temperature was +95 and almost killed our cat. We ended up buying a window unit for our bedroom. The lake breeze is hot and humid. We moved 2 miles south to Brooklyn centre and last summer was much less sweaty with central air.

  8. Columbus has no character. I lived there for 4 years. Knock it Down, paint it white. I found it repetitive and boring. However, I loved my neighborhood of olde town East and miss the beautiful gardens of Franklin park.

  9. And if I were you, mom wouldn’t come near the baby. Just read an article published from National Geographic yesterday sharing almost all COVID infected placentas are affected leading to massive risk for complications.

  10. You get to live the way you want to. You get to love your friends for the way they are. They get to love you for you and your choices. Embrace the time you spend with them now because that will change after birth. You don’t have to put yourself or your baby at risk to have a good time. Ps. No amount of alcohol has been proven to be safe while pregnant. Listeria can be found in and on most foods and most surfaces. Listen to recommendations from your physician to help you make the best choices. Not your friends.

  11. Drove down this road for the first time last night. We’re from Cleveland, known for the worst roads in America. Apparently the trick is to move quickly, not slowly and carefully. By far the worst road I’ve ever driven.

  12. There is a LOT to do. What are you two into? History? Art? Music? Architecture? Skating? Skiing? Hiking?

  13. Into all of those things except skating and skiing atm due to fall risk.

  14. What kind of food, genre and price range, are you looking for? We have really good places and we have really dives, and a lot in the middle. Where abouts are you staying in the city and are you going to have a car?

  15. We’re not into a particular type or style and prefer to stay below $25/plate. Maybe for one meal we’ll venture around that. We will drive but prefer to take transit during the stay. We’re staying on the river near Unity island.

  16. I got the booster pregnant and both baby and I are healthy. Just delivered her last week!

  17. Fetus are dying when mothers go into respiratory shock or develop high fevers due to complications from COVID. I felt very comfortable getting a booster at 9wks and just had an unremarkable 20 week scan. Im looking forward to getting another booster, if my CMN recommends, at end of term.

  18. If you plant morning glories they’ll grow, flourish and never leave.

  19. What's the best thing to do if you start sliding? I know you shouldn't slam on the brakes but is a slow brake okay? Should you try to correct it in any way if you're turning?

  20. Right now would be a great time to find an empty parking lot and practice. Practice what it feels like to slam on the brakes and to power out (gas) of a slide. Practice pumping the breaks to stop. My parents made me do this 15ish years ago before I got my license and the lessons still stick with me.

  21. With all cars having abs now aren't pumping the brakes unnecessary?

  22. Unnecessary in most situation. Not unnecessary to recognize what happens when ABS goes out or to practice so you understand different stopping techniques.

  23. Perhaps its not officially available, but I've left my car at Brookpark for 2 weeks multiple times. Just park at the far end of the lot from the station.

  24. Agree with this. I park here every time I fly out longest was 10 days and didn’t have a problem. $2.50/ticket to ride one stop. If you don’t want to park there, hop on anywhere along the red line.

  25. My mom made the really good point that all of the recalls have been boxed and bagged salads, basically, all greens that were processed and chopped and mixed after they were picked. Nothing that went from the field to the grocery shelves intact has been identified as a concern.

  26. Try a head of romaine. Invest in a salad spinner. Wash the leaves throughly and again twice after it’s chopped. It’s well worth it. I miss salads too but started reintroducing again and it’s well worth the effort!

  27. So I guess what you would really need to do is call your insurance provider and find out if they're charging you coinsurance for these services or if it's a straight deductible then coinsurance type policy (which is more what it sounds like). If the latter is the case then you're pretty much stuck with the bill because those policies aren't the best because you're paying your whole deductible upfront. If it's coinsurance make sure all services are billed correctly and you can usually give the CPT codes to the insurance provider for verification (ask your Drs office for an itemized statement with CPT codes listed). If you decide to get married and get your husband's insurance I would probably try to get his insurance as a secondary (yes pricey paying 2 premiums for the year but ideally the second insurance will cover all/most of the leftover 1st bill). You may also try to see if you're eligible for medicaid secondary. Lastly keep track of exactly how much you're spending so when you reach that OOP maximum you don't keep paying and have to wait a long time for a refund in the mail. The Healthcare system sucks and I'm really sorry you're dealing with this. When I had my baby in 2020 he was 6 weeks early and stayed a week in the NICU. His bill alone was over $90,000. Fortunately I work for the same Healthcare system and only paid $100. Good luck!

  28. Called insurance again and changed my tone this time. We went through all of the charges and found that most were charged as “medical service” instead of preventive care meaning I’m getting billed differently. They couldn’t change anything but now I have to call my provider and tell (one of the largest health care providers in the world) they’ve been billing me incorrectly. Wish me luck!

  29. Are you sure your open enrollment window is closed? They vary depending on the state and I’m seeing a deadline of January 15 for open enrollment at least through the healthcare.gov marketplace.

  30. Unfortunately, open enrollment ended Nov 15. Partner and I are considering getting married early so I can file for a life event and get on his insurance.

  31. My good friend just had a baby and I’m due in July. I loved and understood her requests and will probably adopt them when I’m due. 3weeks before due date-no visitors 2weeks after birth-No visitors* *direct family allowed if they were able to quarantine too. No exceptions. I just met their month old bundle of perfection, outdoors, with masks, symptom free. She doesn’t allow unvaccinated people near the baby.

  32. Most cheeses sold in supermarkets in the US are pasteurized. Check the label. I’ve found a few Brie that are and have indulged accordingly.

  33. I have looked everywhere as my boyfriend was exposed at work and I don’t want to get my elderly father sick at Christmas- I literally can’t find a test anywhere right now.

  34. 23351 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070. They have some now.

  35. CVS (23351 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070) got a shipment at 930 and still has quite a few cases. Just picked up.

  36. Most carriers bring in staff at 7am so if you’re checking a bag, get there with plenty of time or be prepared to not check. After 7am the lines move relatively quickly. We had an 8am flight, got there around 630 and waited in line while one person processed checked baggage for all jet blue morning flights. we almost missed boarding.

  37. Steve’s Doghouse on Pearl in Brooklyn Centre.

  38. Go to Galluccis!! I’m sure they have what you’re looking for

  39. This is the best and only correct choice. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.

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