1. A7 III shutters are known to prematurely fail. There was a class action lawsuit against Sony for it not too long ago.

  2. talked to the lawyer. they aren't proceeding with the lawsuit due to the "agreement" we made when purchasing the camera... idk. guess im just out 500 bucks lol

  3. How many shots did you get out of it? Is it still under warranty?

  4. I shoot primes. I shoot weddings. I choose my shot based on my lens. Having a zoom makes me overthink it. Primes also just have a better quality to them. even my nice 24-70 sigma iq doesn't come close to my prime glass.

  5. Lol. So there wasn't a second date because his opinion about backpacking differed than yours? I'm guessing he didn't look like Channing Tatum...

  6. Yah. It's a bad idea and all, but considering everyone in the bay and their mom coming to visit Tahoe to stay at second homes for mini vacations, this guy is a blip on the radar of Idiocracy.

  7. I kinda just wish Netflix at least found a positive influence/example to direct support to to balance out the chaos.

  8. as a new boarder who fractured his wrist on his second day shreddin the pow last week, do you have any tips?

  9. Thought I was watching Travis rice for a few

  10. I woke up to the sound of dozens of trees falling. An old redwood was uprooted by wind and knocked over all the surrounding trees. We were camping.

  11. i am so sad they're charging for parking this year. it's the closest "big" mountain to me.

  12. Ummmm there are so many mountains near Northstar.... Just drive 10 more minutes

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