1. Can these be used with any PSU? I have a Lian Li SP750 and the cables aren’t long enough for the H210i.

  2. Yes. Extensions are universally compatible since they plug on to the ends of the cables. Replacements are not since they replace the original cables.

  3. Black, blue, and green are on sale. Only blue is left. It's a fairly basic kit with only four cables: one 24-pin, one CPU 8-pin (4+4), and two GPU 8-pins (6+2). There are two clear combs for each cable. Nevertheless, I doubt you can find a cheaper kit from a reputable manufacturer.

  4. You might look for a used Wacom Color Manager. It's literally the X-Rite i1Display Pro with slightly different firmware. DisplayCAL recognizes the Wacom as the X-Rite.

  5. lol thats bizarre, they give you a rebate for $7 more than the mouse costs! They just send you a prepaid visa card or something?

  6. Items are only eligible for the rebate if they're sold by Amazon. Shipped by Amazon isn't sufficient. Right now, Amazon sells the MM720 (glossy white) for $39.55. However, in January, I paid $20.53 for this mouse with a $25 rebate. They literally paid me to buy this mouse.

  7. I don't think that's correct. I suspect the issue is that right now, the SEC wants them to register all cryptos as securities. Full stop. The problem is that most cryptos look an awful lot like securities. If you're just sitting on a crypto for the profit, and it has no practical application, how is it not a security? Being transferable is not sufficient.

  8. Sorry. Is there a different time that might work for you?

  9. That's all right. Sorry to hear that. Take care and best wishes.

  10. I have a Ryzen 3 3300X, two WD Blue SN570 1 TB NVME SSDs, and one WD Blue SN550 1 TB NVMe SSD. I also have two bronze ATX PSUs, but I don't know if they're too large for your intended case. I might also have other parts available.

  11. $60 shipped with original box and cooler, but I could go lower if you still need an SSD and a PSU (or other hardware), since that would save on shipping costs.

  12. Bought a few of these and basically all of them have this ungodly magnetic hum. If these give me a headache in 5 minutes no matter the curve/step what fans are recommended?

  13. I stumbled on this comment. I was curious if you shipped that panel or the other accessories. Thanks in advance.

  14. I love seeing these bundles. Anything out there for a SFF build? Would love to downsize and have a local microcenter but haven’t seen any smaller motherboards

  15. Unfortunately not. You could flip the board for an ITX board, but the RAM is hard to sell at this point. There's too many of the Flare kits on the market, and RAM prices are in free fall.

  16. Hello. Do you still need this hardware?

  17. Sorry about the late response. I'll send a list of hardware.

  18. I'm afraid not. Thanks for the interest.

  19. https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapcsales/comments/112ejxg/gpu_asus_nvidia_geforce_rtx_4070_ti_tuf_12gb/j8k590a/

  20. Ordered 2/26 and not shipped yet? ETA from Amazon states between 3/6 (today) and 3/9? What gives?

  21. Thermalright Europe is the slowest of the four sellers. I ordered on 02/24. It arrived on 03/05.

  22. This was the other heatsink that I found. Like most Thermalright products, this also has a

  23. I was looking for a cheap, effective, low profile heatsink for all of the SSDs that I probably shouldn't have bought. This was

  24. Good morning. I sold the 100R. I still have the TD500 for $75 + shipping.

  25. You want at least two fans to avoid shipping costs. Shipping starts off high but each fan after that costs little more to ship.

  26. Tempting...but white isnt my preferred case aesthetic unfortunately. Thanks though.

  27. Thanks for the response. Good luck with the case search.

  28. These aren't Samsung B-Die. Check the timings and voltages.

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