1. western bmos, applied dec 3, accepted dec 16. they should start sending out another round soon tho hopefully!

  2. Tell them you want to have a group study session, the grind doesn't stop, it never will, it never has.

  3. i have the same uni goals as you and took chem but then dropped it about two months in b/c the amount of work i was doing wasn't worth it for something that wasn't a pre-req. my spare ended up being really beneficial & i was able to dedicate more time to the classes i already had. try it and if things aren't going well, just drop it. no harm, no foul :) good luck!

  4. essay but i broke it up into paragraphs that were a few sentences each. good luck, i'm sure you'll do great!! :)

  5. I honestly don't think it makes a difference! I opened mine back in November and didn't like the questions so I waited for the December ones and submitted in January. As long as you submit before the deadline I don't think it matters. :)

  6. I feel the same way but I've been telling myself for future exams that they're literally just longer tests! Like think about it, a normal test is done in 80 minutes and an exam is just 40 minutes more... just a few questions!! Also I keep myself calm by calculating all the possible scores I get on the exam seeing how much my total mark can change. It's honestly never more than a few percent so don't stress!! It's all over :)

  7. Laurier bba for me 🤣. But that's only cause it's the only offer I've gotten so far

  8. NO FR bc there's something special about the first school that gives you an offer

  9. i admire that mentality but im too paranoid to not have backups 😭 good for you though, i hope it all works out!! :)

  10. i meannn i answered everything, but did i answer it correctly? Idk 😭 just praying my teacher is generous enough to give me part marks for. I didnt know how to solve a trig question but for some reason it was only worth 2 marks

  11. LOL i'm in the exact same boat even down to the unanswered trig questions 😭 relying heavily on the part marks rn

  12. print out copies of your resume, go in-person, ask for the manager and give it to them. call a week later to follow up on your application (!!!) and apply online if the position is posted there as well.

  13. At my school it’s insane, from October-December almost everyone gets their dresses

  14. when do y’all go shopping for that lmao i don’t even have to go shopping for one cuz i just got a suit but why r people getting them now lol it’s in like may😂

  15. i assumed it was like march-may but seeing ppl already have their stuff is making me nervous LOL

  16. They already came out for some. My friend got accepted to Rotman

  17. Last year uoft decisions were third Thursday of every month starting January, at 5:30pm

  18. It totally depends on what she wants to do! Some programs need those high marks and some are perfectly attainable with an 80s average. Because of grade inflation, things have shifted upwards and a 90 wasn't what it was a few years ago. For the competitive CS, engineering, health sci, nursing, or business programs low 90s minimum are generally a must, but there's many schools which are less competitive and if she's interested in something else entirely then that's even better grades-wise!

  19. pulled an all-nighter (minus a one hour nap at 6am) to finish a project & then slept for 16 straight hours when i got home. u gotta do what u gotta do ig 😭

  20. Lmao same I do it sometimes even though I already got accepted to my uni, I just keep getting uber eats notifications 😭

  21. I had a job from the beginning of grade 10 and quit the beginning of grade 12. It just wasn't possible to balance schoolwork, all my extracurriculars, and a part-time job at the same time. Planning to get another one after semester 2 midterms

  22. Respectfully, is it actually possible to get a 1% in a course? Is that just what they show if you don't submit any work or show up at all?

  23. Take Grade 12 bird courses in grade 11. That way you can start off grade 12 with an already high 4U/M course average and you can take spares throughout the year. You don't lose anything by doing grade 12 bird courses the year before, only gain

  24. I’m planning on taking 2 4U courses in the summer, do unis weigh applicants differently if they did take any courses in the summer?

  25. I think it depends on the university. I didn't do summer school after grade 11 so I'm not sure! Best to email and ask or check their website probably.

  26. What are you wanting to go into? Some programs care about your extracurriculars like UofT/Waterloo Engineering and the top business programs. Some programs don't ask anything at all and it's just your grades, so it's not technically necessary do a ton of extracurriculars.

  27. totally normal. check back in a day or two & it'll be the same again :)

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