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  1. Thank you for posting this. I was planning on heading over there after work. Now I know not to waste my time.

  2. Yeah the car show ended at 2, and that was the big draw (I guess?) for this year. The bbq truck was good, but it was a good 20+ minute wait as there was literally only 3 food vendors not counting the kettle corn and cotton candy booths.

  3. That is so sad. I wonder why nobody wanted to take part.

  4. Orange for sure. I think he turned green when he dies.

  5. That headline is so misleading. The media needs to be held accountable for always turning everything into race baiting bulshit. Shame on them.

  6. Thank you for coming forward. If only more people would speak up maybe this would get the attention it deserves. I understand having nothing to lose. They will call you a crazy conspiracy theorist. That is their go to move. Bust as more of these stories come to light the harder they will be to ignore. God speed.

  7. Here, this will help with the withdrawal. Indian mothers act like crime bosses irl.

  8. Theories vary. Some say it is symbolic of the all seeing eye. Others claim there is a parasitic worm that is put in their eye and it enhances them but slowly takes over their mind and body to be one with the hive. Truth be told, I don't know.

  9. I have been wanting to try them. It's just every time I stray away from Kingdom Kratom I usually regret it.

  10. My wife is constantly letting house work build up. It's annoying and she always has an excuse. Every day I get home from work she is just sitting on the couch browsing Facebook. As irritated as I get I would never haul off and smack her. That is ridiculous. What will he do when you tell him you are leaving? How will he react when you file for divorce? How will he treat your child when they get old enough to piss him off?

  11. Are you taking other drugs? Something could be reacting.

  12. I wish they would make a Sasquatch film that doesn't make him like a loveable creature. In my opinion I don't think they are friendly to humans and they do everyone (including them) a disservice by portraying them as child friendly.

  13. So far Kingdom Kratom has yet to be beat as far as potency for me.

  14. Adderall makes it easy. At least for a while. Try ashwaganda, valerian root, copious amounts of marijuana. I have heard akuamma seed and black seed oil can help as well but I jave not tried it myself.

  15. He was very popular and was probably able to smooth things over with police. I'm sure he was good at witness intimidation.

  16. Cool pic but unfortunately too blurry to make any kind of judgment whether it's paranormal or not.

  17. I tried to stop there yesterday and the line was wrapped all the way across the plaza. No thanks.

  18. I wonder how they used to sheer sheep in ancient times?

  19. At the facility I work at, housekeeping is a separate company and housekeepers cannot become CNAs. They have to leave the company for at least one year before they can even apply.

  20. I found that if I microdosed with caffeine or adderall it made me have anxiety

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