Biker brake testing a car

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Stilgar -My first Dune fanart. I'm ready to read the book, but since I saw the Villeneuve's movie I can't wait to draw this character and the Arrakis atmosphere. I am fascinated with the Fremen culture. Hope you like it! Ig @leolujanleb

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AITA for not buying pads for my sister's best friend during her first period?

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  1. Is that pre or post dry and cure. It looks like you might be using a Cannatrol… what settings you using?

  2. Can someone please help be brainstorm what his rig is using for flotation? I need to build this ASAP

  3. Looks like it might be 3 SUPs next to each other with the hammock stand straddling them

  4. Yeah don’t get me wrong obviously people have different exposure to different subcultures, I’m sure there are people who genuinely haven’t come across lil pump, I didn’t mean to be that absolute in my comment looking back.

  5. “Famous” subculture rappers expecting to get recognized and getting ignored is basically a meme of its own at this point.

  6. No, I'm insinuating that this is not being frugal, it's just being poor. I'm also salty because I posted an actual frugal tip on here and it got removed because it was "penny pinching" and not being frugal. So to me this post is not being frugal it's "being poor". I mean come on, it's just a box with stuff in it. I doubt this is a mind blowing post for anyone on this sub reddit. Reuse boxes is like being frugal 101. But I'm mostly just being salty about my own shit and I apologize.

  7. It was for people that wear glasses but could apply to sunglasses too, but the tip was when you use a lens wipe to clean your glasses, first use it to clean your lenses and then also your frame and then use the wipe to clean your mirrors. Which to me, being frugal means saving money as well as getting the most use out of the things you do purchase. But the mod said it was "penny pinching" and not being frugal so it was removed. I still think it's a pretty good tip because imo lens wipes clean mirrors better than a spray and paper towel.

  8. What the hell, that is a good tip! Most people don’t see beyond the intended purpose of a product. I do the same thing - a disposable product is open, used for its intended purpose, but still has some value left before it’s no longer effective - might as well put it to use…

  9. No need to fat shame. We should judge people based on their actions not their appearance.

  10. Was that fat shaming or trying to be empathetic as to why they would act this way? It’s entirely possible that they weren’t being jerks intentionally, but rather didn’t want to say “I don’t sit down in my seat because I can’t fit into it” (As I am sure that would be very embarrassing).

  11. How long before this post is removed for micro aggressions against the guy in the photo

  12. These clues were released about the same time that Borderlands 3 was revealed to be the 1st mystery game. A lot of people think this is the first clue for the 2nd mystery game. However that second/middle icon looks exactly like Claptrap's face from Borderlands 3.

  13. The one on the left looks like one of the tattoos on the guy on the cover

  14. What’s going on with the open reservoir?

  15. Probably just decarbed ground up buds and some trim in each bag. When you steep it in milk the fat absorbs the decarbed THC

  16. Thanks. I couldn’t articulate the whole process. I use the best bud. Nothing is too good for those frost top grannies.

  17. I figured maybe you fill it out with some trim because A) straight up bud seems like it might be a lot for some, depending on how big the bags are! B) dried cannabis fan leaves make a good tea. Reminds me of barley tea

  18. mate its not all that good. They wont sell much more data without the network further growth. People are refunding licenses, they no more see it profitable in perspective. Token value wont increase with the current tokenomics and approach. Changes are necessary.

  19. I doubt the awair situation has had much (if any) impact on type 1-3 sensor holders. If one can afford the better sensors (which provide much more valuable data), there’s little sense in trying to farm planets with awair sensors (which you would need to deploy at multiple addresses since there’s a limit of one per address). I think the “meat” of the project is and always has been in the type 1-3

  20. Mill is boring and annoying to play against.

  21. Showed this to a friend who rides bikes like this and he immediately jumped to defend the biker, like "we don't know what happened before this video".... An otherwise intelligent person *shrug*

  22. The real cringe about any of this is assuming everyone LOVES Baby Yoda. Literally the other day my friend was looking for Baby Yoda merchandise for someone as a troll/joke.

  23. I really dig this because his face is so much thinner than Javier Bardem's face, which IMO is too water-fat for a Fremen. This is basically how I pictured him in the book... and you said you haven't read it yet? You on the spice?

  24. Holy moly YTA. A huge Asshole. Your girlfriend is right, you're an idiot.

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