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  1. I can hear myself in so many of these. Great insights! I think you should write a book or start a “Video Production Tip of the Day” channel on some platform and share these gold nuggets one-by-one. Maybe twitter. I’d subscribe.

  2. When talking about someone who isn’t there, pretend that they are.

  3. I wonder if people in Hawaii will see Starship re-enter.

  4. Never heard of Mark Bone before this. I just subscribed to his channel and liked a few videos. What an awesome youtube channel that’s so helpful for filmmakers. Great suggestion! New Mark Bone fan here. Here’s a link for anyone who needs help finding Mark Bone’s youtube channel:

  5. I'm sure there will be some damage to Stage 0. The ablative paint is going to ablate away again. Zach Golden has been saying that he is pretty sure SpaceX views their concrete as ablative too. And that we can expect pockmarks after every major static fire and launch. But SpaceX will come back and replace that too for the umteenth time. He said their latest blends (now using Fondyte instead of Martyte) will break off in small pieces instead of large chunks. So less damaging. Still going to coat stuff far and wide with a spray of concrete though. Until they have a water deluge this is basically what he expects.

  6. I wanna see a real sequel to LOTR that shows the adventures of King Aragorn and his kids.

  7. In the last two weeks, I’ve had this happen twice to me. They wanted to see all the speeches and hear the natural audio from the bride walking down the aisle. Both times I created a thumb-drive with raw footage from the entire wedding and sent it to them. One was a smaller wedding and I charged $200. The other was a little bit bigger and I charged $250. I spent a couple hours going through the footage, deleting the unwatchable stuff, and making sure the natural audio was the right volume. I didn’t worry about camera shake if it was an important part. For me, no need for color correction because I shoot in a picture profile that does not require it. I put it all on a timeline and exported it compressed as one long clip, it was under 20 GB each.

  8. I can absolutely understand where you are coming from, and you are providing what customer service works best with your business model.

  9. Oh yeah it’s def not technically raw footage. I sell them what they think raw footage is and it’s pretty easy for me to edit.

  10. The kid who used a fire extinguisher on a baby and others in a train.

  11. Click the gray border above the clip, which will select the “storyline” containing this clip with it’s transition. Any other clip in this storyline will also be affected. You can move the storyline around like you would an independent clip. If you don’t want other clips affected, make this clip and it’s transition an independent storyline by selecting them and then “lift” them off the storyline. The keyboard shortcut for this is (option+command+(up arrow)) If done together, they will create a new “storyline” above.

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