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  1. Lets get rid of the ppl who supported the game since the beginning bcuz ppl are bitching. I have been playing since the beta, done all the surveys for the game before it was even out on console or steam. Does it logically sound alright to just cut out crosspaly and make the que time like 15 minutes?

  2. The que time was always 2-3 mins average. It hasn’t gotten any better even with forced crossplay, maybe for pc players but console is the same. I toggle should be implemented

  3. Family guy, stranger things, SpongeBob and so much more

  4. Dry bones, koopa troopa, toadette, and dare I say it, baby Rosalina

  5. Confirmed on all the tracks? Those 2 rainbow roads are my favorite and DK summit is my favorite map

  6. Grab me some chicken nuggets nuggets and I have some chips lol

  7. I say keep weapon mastery levels, but don’t allow weapons to be used on their non native rogues. I just like to level my guns up.

  8. Exactly just as more cosmetics and flex like level could show up next to the gun on the killdeer or something

  9. My Xbox update was 16 gigs and there wasn’t even a new map or rogue 😂

  10. If they can shit out a Phantom skin every other battlepass, they could of made plenty of Trench skins

  11. Phantom has one of the simplest outfits which makes it easy for skins. Simple as in visual appealing and simple. Trench is simple but it looks trash

  12. "NoThIng ExCiTes mE" as the top voted. This playerbase sucks ass.

  13. Nah I’ve tried staying positive about this game but it sucks. Bug wise it sucks because this game has so much potential but it’s not fun to play with the issues. This game has been going downhill for awhile now.

  14. Maul. It’s Maul against the world

  15. Final boss Chan is perfectly fine lol

  16. Nashville should be top 5 for sure.

  17. I think this happened because anakin died like that, Darth Vader was basically a entirely different person with just a shard of anakin left

  18. It looks like he got pushed on the menu screen and his jacket is tore off in the pause menu so I think it’s intentional. I really hope he becomes a jackal member that would be dope. My prediction is switchblade did it. Idk why but she feels like that. Also the fact that juke,switchblade, and trench are involved with eachother (emote with them holding thumbs up) and on the menu you can see Juke trying to catch trench

  19. Did Switchblade not die? I’m pretty sure that Umbra killed her because there was a pause screen where he pushed her into the lava at meltdown

  20. I think that’s where her dystopian switchblade skin comes from saying she was rebuilt (kinda like umbra) and I think her hellfire switchblade skin is symbolic for her being pushed in the lava (kinda like Darth Vader when you think about it lol)

  21. Maul and his apprentice(I think)

  22. Oct is gonna be a show aswell

  23. I would say touch grass but I’m not far behind you haha

  24. She’s been out for awhile now it’s not that hard if you only have played juke since the update came out like I have

  25. I don’t remeber character mastery but I got 2k on account mastery once

  26. When I use Bluetooth it breaks my whole game (might be fixed idk)

  27. It isn’t because of loot crates lol. They woke up and said, let’s leave beta next update. Idk why. Maybe because they hit 25 rogues which is a nice number

  28. Thanks for everyone's patience tonight. Around 11 PM ET we experienced an issue with one of our hardware providers. The team is currently trying to work around the issue and get the game back up and running as soon as possible.

  29. Do you have ANY upcoming changes for the server lag, it’s insane

  30. Yep, hi rez inc status website dosent even say it’s down. Another reason this game is in the worst state of all time

  31. a lot of posts bitching about this game lately. Just leave. I stop playing this game months ago

  32. We don’t want to leave. We want them to fix the game becuase it is a awesome and unique game but the devs don’t know how to talk the community at all. They keep crossing a line that soon will be to far and everyone will stop playing

  33. I miss when Scott did the updates. His passion for the game was infectious and I loved seeing how much he played the game and cared for its growth, I think his charisma and charm is one of the reasons I stuck with this game as long as I did 🙃

  34. We all do 😔 pretty hair is amazing aswell

  35. Adopt and raise, controversial but so nostalgic

  36. You can download the PS4 version of the game on your PS5 and access it too*

  37. Still very weird. I’m know you have a Xbox and a ps so if you wanted to equip it but we’re on Xbox you’d have to log onto your ps5 right?

  38. You have to log onto your ps4 to equip it. So weird

  39. You're getting downvoted because you're complaining that you want to mess around, but that you aren't doing as well when you mess around, so somehow crossplay is the issue.

  40. Not what I was saying at all. I’m not trying to dick around but I’m also not trying to go balls deep in sweat

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