ITAP of the snow in Kyoto this evening.

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  1. you filmed that? that’s pretty cool!

  2. And the headphones worked like stethoscopes. They were hollow tubes that channeled the sound from the jack (which was basically just a hole) and the sound came through into your ears.

  3. that’s incredible! i find this kind of analog tech just so fascinating

  4. it’s beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  5. i can’t believe i’ve never thought to put maple syrup in coffee before! i’m gonna try it tomorrow

  6. couldn’t wait, made a decaf espresso macchiato with a splash of maple syrup - delicious

  7. can you find a reputable source for that?

  8. There's loads of articles, can't Google yourself? I'm not saying it's making it toxic but the temperature of boiling water definitely will rob it of its nutrients

  9. i did google it, but i couldn't find anything reliable saying that you shouldn't add honey to hot water - i thought i'd ask you because maybe you'd have a link to something which i couldn't find

  10. because my freezer is small and they don't make canned ben and jerry's

  11. Maybe actually a good reason. But then the (interesting but probably useless) question comes to how often you would need to buy new ones for it to be cheaper to get a larger freezer. Maybe if you bought new can almost every week it might be cheaper in the long run to get new freezer.

  12. lol you caught me at a great time - interesting but useless is exactly the mood i'm in right now hahah!

  13. if you’re not in a rush and would rather have a brand new machine, the creatista plus (not the pro, but one model down) goes on sale every prime day / black friday etc for about £230

  14. I’m really distraught about missing the Black Friday sales. I am hesitant, the only reason I was considering this is because I saw a new Citiz + Aeroccino 3 for £145 on EBay (brand new came boxed wrapped and even with the welcome capsules) but someone snagged it up before I got the chance to. I wish I could go and test the machine too as I think it’s a decent deal.

  15. it’ll come round again soon enough

  16. depends on your appetite for risk

  17. I only recently found out that my Audi has window close from the remote. Press once to lock, and keep,it pressed to close windows and sunroof. Had it for years!

  18. can you open the windows/sunroof by holding the unlock button?

  19. i really enjoy the flow from indoor cooking space to outdoor cooking space in this design (and also the way it was photographed!)

  20. i find it oddly satisfying and the design appeals to my midcentury tendencies

  21. following on from yesterday's island appliances question, here is an island stove with a subtle extractor above to maintain openness and sight-lines

  22. this kitchen has the sink on the island with the hob behind but i wonder what the pros and cons of each configuration are?

  23. https://images.app.goo.gl/EVyuFvanzNQnK7VN9

  24. just a personal preference, but I prefer the look of having no rear window wiper and 4-door cars/saloons generally don’t have them

  25. it's not! and yes (sort of!)

  26. haven’t washed it two months but it’s still not as dirty as this guy i saw yesterday

  27. it's delicious and i love the capsule design too!

  28. same! was the first mercedes i ever owned

  29. i love the idea of being able to hide appliances within a cabinet

  30. i use the supershift app but i think i may have paid a one-off fee for the premium

  31. and a V-class in the background

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