1. The glove is a good idea! Gonna have to steal his to find his size like 🤣 thank you

  2. if he’s a right handed swinger, he’ll need a left handed glove

  3. you’ve captured amazing colours! was it a good round?

  4. fascinating! is that a common place for the device to be placed in children?

  5. Is there actually any source for this? I’ve only seen a couple of comments on Reddit, also without source. Afaik they got a new president and when this happens layoffs are pretty common, no matter the company

  6. to be fair, you don't switch up presidents because things are going well...

  7. I mean, really depends on the situation. The company I previously worked for was doing incredibly well, got a new president because the previous one wanted to be a non-executive director. Same thing happened with an ex-customer of mine. President/CEO of the company became a non-executive director and then went off to start a new company. It can happen for a variety of reasons, while vanmoof may have issues I imagine they’re not doing too bad given how popular they are

  8. yeah it does depend on the situation - sadly the situation here is further delays with the new product and a history of quality control issues with the last product

  9. and leave a comment if they do

  10. amazing! pictures like this are an absolute treasure

  11. have you intentionally chosen all the pods that come in the prettiest boxes? hahah

  12. fascinating! i’ve never seen a commercial nespresso machine anywhere

  13. The speed it changes is irrelevant and was just a reference point All automatics have preset shift spots they never change unless you physically change the gearing in an automatic you 100% drop and go up at the same exact spot in that gear it’s not a question that’s how it’s designed. If the gear doesn’t drop as it decelerates It does something called engine braking and the engines gear actually resists and slows the vehicle if automatics did that their fuel economy would be terrible and this is only used for slowing heavy loads such as semis and emergency stops.

  14. yeah, this “experienced mechanic” with “three degrees in the subject” sounds a bit full of shit

  15. name two famous dictators and one famous philanthropist

  16. let's call it eleventy:forty-four, just to be safe

  17. i find it very hard to justify not doing it; i spent my ED rotation ophthalmoscoping eyeballs at every opportunity

  18. also i wonder what they do with all the faulty machines people send back?

  19. is unconscious really the word you want to use here?

  20. No, it really isn’t, hence the “”. Do you have another one that’s better? English is my second language. Vacant, maybe?

  21. perhaps the word you're looking for is just unemotional?

  22. I had a cat who was head way down in men's shoes and sliding them across the floor with all her might

  23. the mental imagery of this really tickled me

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