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  1. It’s sad that these types of women are more popular than teachers. That’s why The world is going to shit

  2. This is what happens when you don’t make education a priority. Parents are dumbfucks no better than the rats they breed and don’t raise. Like fucking A this is fucking pathetic. They’re whole idea of what a tough guy is, it’s dumb as shit. America culture is trash culture straight up.

  3. They were sentenced in 2019, rightfully so. But then pardoned in 2020. Barely in prison for over a year. Disgusting.

  4. Yeah but don’t act like the other crazy political group ain’t just as bad because they is .

  5. Yes and no. They're both shit in their own rights. That's not even a debate.

  6. Oh I agree I’m just saying American history is full of war crimes from the only 2 political powers in America.

  7. I can’t stand people with (The Evidence in front of them!!) still try to defend child molesters. Like your the problem why so many rape cultures exist.

  8. Because that same rape culture is on Reddit, not everyone obviously but enough to notice.

  9. Ah yes the proxy war between Putin and Hillary.

  10. Ahh yes this is starting to be pretty common. Would point out the same types of humans seem to be in every video so far but don’t want to be banned.

  11. New York really does suck. My Aunt just got back from there and she was mugged in broad daylight and not one piece of shit New Yorker helped her. Fuck that city it’s a fucking cess pool of degenerates. I see video day after day of how garbage that city really is.

  12. At the end of the day Ukraine has and will probably continue to be a money laundering place. Basic info readily available. 2 plus 2 equals 4 no matter what kind of political spin people try to put on it. Just do your research.

  13. What a douche. What’s happened to mankind smh.

  14. I don't even think they shit up. We're just under the yoke of so many dumb fucking laws. In the US it's something like at any given point you're under the thumb of 10,000 active laws federal to local. There's a really good lawyer video out there on why you shouldn't ever talk to the police, even while "innocent".

  15. Problem is the country is a dumb and dumber nation. Prioritize education then you get smarter citizens, smarter cops , less laws for dumbasses who need it because they are not educated.

  16. Why at this point are people still like surprised?? Left lane is the fast lane whether it’s a cop or emergency vehicle or a speeder. Like you ain’t a troll on a bridge just get the fuck over. You ain’t saving anyone or helping, you don’t get a medal for slowing the left lane down. That’s why there are left lane laws in most civilized states. Get over yourself and the fingerpointing.

  17. I swear chic filet hires all the best workers, literally no competition from other food chains.

  18. spoken like someone who doesn’t know wtf they are talking about. Kudos

  19. Nah I get what your saying bro and it’s all correct. Your getting downvoted for telling the truth, and shills will shill. Don’t be surprised if you get a ban or something.

  20. Them laughing the same cracks me up so much every time is watch this video

  21. This my first view and yes I started cackling lol

  22. Tbh Colorado does have trash weed. California ain’t no better still think Pgr Deps are the best over indoor. Clowns.

  23. Yeah off of good clean flower from Oklahoma 💨💨💨

  24. I’m from Atlantis which is like Heaven, and you ain’t gotta worry bout feces and rape everywhere.

  25. Hmm u r probably from Pakistan. That's far worse than being an Indian. Lol

  26. Oh I didn’t know there was a difference in Rape cultures from Pakistan or India

  27. I’ve been saying this shit forever that whole part of the continent is rape culture.

  28. It’s just common sense. You hit someone they most likely going to hit back. Then it’s a cop on top of that. Then it’s New York where grown ass manchildren go around victimizing everyone. Dumb choice on her part. Blame her parents for not teaching her manners.

  29. Why landlords always gotta be a piece of shit. Fucking A people are just fucking horrible.

  30. Not surprised especially if they from India which promotes Rape culture.

  31. Ah yes that’s a typical relationship in America. I’m sure they have a kid or 2 together.

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