1. My state has an income tax, not all do. My state also has the highest combined tax burden of any state for those making 100k. Overtime can easily push you into a higher tax bracket which is why a lot of people increase contributions to retirement when working it.

  2. ok great I live in one of those states too, and I'm saying that it's silly/ridiculous/incorrect to believe that, it wouldn't be the OVERTIME it would be the TOTAL EARNINGS and that would mean that if say, you went over that tax bracket on december 10th "during overtime" your next day's work on december 11th that is not overtime would still be income above that "tax bracket" and would also be charged the extra tax.

  3. I believe what my and my crews take home pay says every week. For example, I worked an hour of extra overtime (51 hours instead of 50) which should have been worth about $80. My check was $10 more.

  4. I can only show you that you are wrong, I cannot force you to go learn how or why you are wrong, just know that you're wrong. I don't know what games your employer is playing but most especially i you are working long hours then it is quite likely that if you're, again, not just totally wrong here, then your employer may be stealing from you, in which case you'd again be a fool to continue to work without figuring it out for yourself. Your paycheck should have an hourly breakdown each week as well, at least the stub, most of them do, and I'd bet the info is in there that you're missing.

  5. What? I want a government that doesn't step on the necks of labor to satisfy capital interests. Everyone on reddit is quick to say "republican bad" but when push came to shove Democrats fell in lock step to fuck over the average Joe, and prevent a union from lawfully striking.

  6. But your premise is wrong, so will you now that I have corrected it in another comment explain and clarify here that you hate REPUBLICANS who fell in line to pass NAFTA, since they were the MAIN VOTING BLOC FOR IT?

  7. My premise isn't wrong our government doesn't work for us. They work for corporate interests and the rich.

  8. Your premise stated above was "It was NAFTA and Democrats" and as your own info shows FAR more Republicans voted for NAFTA and FAR more Dems voted against it, so you're wrong. You provided the info, go read the info you provided yourself. Then go look up who the "repeal glass-stegall" bill is named after, go ahead and figure out who "Gramm" "Bliley" and "Leach" are and explain how the Dems get the blame for a repeal literally named after the Republican Senators that wrote it.

  9. Maybe tell the parents to stop voting for shitheads.

  10. What if they're in the nearly 50% of the population of Florida which did not vote for shitheads but can't really do anything about the extremely gerrymandered maps the Governor sneakily forced there? Maybe they aren't voting for the Republicans in Florida that have disregarded the will of the people and added all sorts of caveats to the proposition the people passed to restore voting rights to former felons? Maybe they aren't supporting Republicans going around and slapping people who THINK THEY CAN VOTE LEGALLY AGAIN with felonies for doing so, while giving at most a slap on the wrist to whites voting twice in "The Villages" ?

  11. Wait. It took an investigator 100 hours to find him at his sister's house? No.

  12. Doesn't seem unreasonable to me. I have a sister by an old marriage involving a parent, she lives across the country, if I went and "hid out" there you would likely spend THOUSANDS of hours even figuring out that person is "my sister", let alone figuring out where she is and then getting there to find me. And that's one of 5 "sisters" I have in that manner, out of 7 sisters in total.

  13. Ironically most of this is completely or at least mostly wrong and just again shows the REAL main issue is education. We're not the "most diverse" by a long shot and a simple google search COULD have prevented a lot of your comment, but again, overconfidence coupled with poor education.

  14. Drug dealers prey on impoverished communities, they lead young boys into lives of crime, and turn them into moneymaking machines for those up the chain

  15. There is nothing more American than creating situations where hopelessness reigns such as our inner cities, where often selling drugs is the ONLY available job that offers even a chance of leaving the ghetto. Nothing except then saturating that ghetto with drugs such as the American CIA did in the 1980's and then turning around and blaming the low level street dealers. Fucking "working class town" I see your ignorance stems from living in/growing up in a drug addled WHITE community where the people who were taking advantage of the opportunity to work their way out were held back by the users and dealers, but in much of America that base opportunity simply isn't there. You can NEVER lift yourself out of ANYTHING for $7.50/hour.

  16. Can I nominate capitalism then? Typically the first thing you hear at any workplace run by a petty capitalist tyrant is "this ain't no democracy" and capitalism forces us all to work under the threat of violence. Don't want to work? Die then.

  17. It'd probably help if people like me got the hardware survey on the machine that Steam actually sees using the CPU/GPU for any real period of time. This last time I got it on the laptop with the 1050 instead of the main machine with the 6800XT.. At least it didn't ask for this info on my PHONE this time..

  18. I wonder why they trade with China more, hey can you tell me real quick, miss General, how many times has China helped overthrow a latin nation in the past 80 years? How many PRC death squads have there been? Did China ever go in and murder a bunch of people so that a banana company could keep providing the US markets with cheap fruit?

  19. Fucker Carlson: "You can't attack whole groups of people, not in America, that's dangerous!"

  20. I've said this before elsewhere but the fact they are trying to smear everyone they don't like or who opposes them as pedos should be concerning. Almost everyone can agree being a pedo is one of the worst things you can be and it makes justifying violence against someone easy. They are preparing for violence against liberals and LGBT people.

  21. One of the oldest tricks in the political book is to claim that something harms "the children" because it instantly nullifies any rational opposition, I mean you wouldn't want to be for something that is bad for our children, now would you? The whole thing is cynical and disgusting and until we as a society rise up and forcefully put an end to it they will continue to gain ground until we have a repeat of early last century. Which seems to be right on schedule I might add.

  22. It’s what happens when you don’t have a system built on trust. It doesn’t matter what system it is. If you can’t trust the people providing the goods or service you cant have a functioning system.

  23. What? This is literally a video of what happens when you DO rely on some measure of trust, just as capitalism would have us do, we're to trust that Exxon has our best interests at heart when they try to avoid actually cleaning up a MASSIVE spill in Alaska, such as the Valdez.

  24. I often wonder if there is a term for the actual neurological pleasure I derive from seeing things that are the same item but all the colors of the rainbow. I can't tell you how many sets of things I own. Even my weekly pill case is seven separate disc shaped boxes in rainbow array. Here's an example of what I mean, and one of the most intensely pleasant things to look at. My

  25. Some sort of not well defined Visual-Tactile Synesthesia is what you're describing. People tend to think it means "feeling sound" or "hearing color in sound" but it really just means stimulation in one cognitive pathway causing stimulation in another, which can include visual. There's like 80 kinds actually, because we have 5 senses to mix between.

  26. DeSantis is to the right of Trump. In Florida, he’s feeding the extremists raw red meat. It won’t work in the rest of the country and it’s already created a host of problems if you care about kids, education, LGBT discrimination or outright racism.

  27. What you all seem to just not even see, possibly the most obvious part of American politics is that the people largely vote OUT people, they don't vote IN people, and by and large it has far more to do with economics than anything else. They play all this R vs D bull but really the majority of R voters are people that know the R means tax breaks, tax cuts, etc. and the worse the economy is the more people feel the need to vote in whatever way will help their wallet the most. We are very short sighted in this way, it's a major hindrance to progress in general, we don't vote for the long term fixes that will cost more money, we vote for the "quick fix" and that's usually the lying Republican.

  28. Ironically at this point COVID and just time itself are the Republicans worst enemies. They do certainly have a small following of young like minded nazis like Nick Fuentes, but by and large they get absolutely MURDERED in any polls outside of increasingly older white men.

  29. By that logic it’s totally cool if I busted out my gimp suit and read some poetry to kids

  30. No by "logic" it would be the same as if some women dressed up as construction workers and read to children, and that would also be fine.


  32. The best part is where you literally state the issue is IN THE NVIDIA DRIVER. If Discord caused a sleep state issue in general all video cards would be affected, but they are not, people with Intel and AMD GPUs are not having this problem, because they don't have the same ISSUE IN THEIR DRIVER.

  33. God damn, nothing is ever enough for reddit.

  34. You should go look at the video at the top of this thread, because right now you're defending going EASIER on those pieces of shit, and that's REALLY not a good look. I mean seriously, pulling up someone's head and forcefully slamming it into the pavement as hard as he can, and you want them to get little jail time? The FUCK man? Do you have ANY humanity?

  35. Very bold/dumb assumption to assume that the content mods remove is “misinformation.”

  36. I'm not trying to be a Rock and Roll gatekeeper, but do you ever look at these lists and go, "hold up...one sec...time out."

  37. I googled it, because your link doesn't have "per capita" numbers but absolute numbers, which is useless for a comparison.

  38. No, it's not the same. A used cartridge still had to be purchased at some point, whereas the rom dump does not. Shops also buy and resell media, and it is not considered ethically the same to purchase from a shop as copying it illegally.


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