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  1. Foxtale Vitamic C serum + Hyaluronic All day Serum + The Ordinary Niacinamide

  2. No but this really worked for her initially. Lot of people (including my mom!) were sold on the Namaste Columbia beauty with brains act and she was giving back to back interviews for creating that image. Very shortlived though.

  3. 'I'm not licensed but i have intuitive understanding' and then charges 85k. My cousin is a professional trained & licenced leadership coach and let me tell you its much more than throwing around inspiring secondhand quotes from Instagram. I fail to understand how someone without a psychology or HR - L&D background with years of experience can be charging like this. How is it even legal?

  4. He has the flag in his bio next to the name Jacqueline and his profile picture is also half of both. Doesn't seem like he's just cross dressing for fun anymore.

  5. I'm not kidding when I say this but I actually noticed a couple of girls that I know that followed him after the divorce announcement. These girls have been malvika followers for a while. But noticing them follow him after the divorce announcement felt so icky to me, idk how to face them normally now that I've noticed this 😂 I'm guessing she has many more such followers.

  6. He can't really go on to say ki nahi chahiye bachcha! Its all about the optics!

  7. He can choose to not answer that question. I'm sure they get many questions that they choose not to answer on their stories.

  8. If your heels aren't touching the ground then it's not adho mukha svanasan/downward facing dog pose anymore, it becomes the parvat asan/mountain pose. So if you're unable to do the downward facing dog correctly because of tight hamstrings you can try and bend your knees and straighten your spine more to ensure your heels are still on the ground. The focus is always on lengthening the spine. Once you achieve that you can slowly push goals to straighten your legs a bit more each time and eventually get there.

  9. He's really overcompensating with his stories now. Either that or milking the sudden surge of attention he's getting.

  10. Ram Leela 🔥🔥🔥 that is what CHEMISTRY really means, I saw it on the big screen and they definitely set it on fire. Would love to see them paired together again. Ranbir and Deepika definitely get the cute romance vibe right but I won't call that chemistry and I didn't see that really come through in any movies they did together except for YJHD. In YJHD I feel like if someone else (good actor) played either of their roles it would still give the same feel however I can't say the same for Ram leela

  11. Dude she deleted these comments but not other ones criticising her opinion on fathers! This got to be a separate post

  12. Unpopular opinion but chuck is not evil. He may be on the axis on good and evil but not evil.

  13. Grown ass women passive aggressively tweeting for everyone to read. Why not just address it in person like a mature adult?

  14. My sister does the same. She just uses sunscreen if she's going out and takes it off with micellar water after she's back and rinses with plain water. No products at all and her skin is doing better than when she used to do stuff

  15. This is why when people are like ‘oh north is going to expose the family when she’s older’ I dont get it. We’ve seen her not want to be in pap photos etc but videos and photos she consents to (if a 9yo can truly agree to filming and uploading of a video?) she’s loving every second of her lifestyle (which, what kid wouldn’t?)

  16. We need one more series of Alia copying Deepika's looks along with this 😂😂 I think it was posted long back in the bollywood fashion sub maybe but definitely has a spot in this series.

  17. Dot and key barrier repair ceramide facewash and their Cica gel moisturiser will be forever repurchase for me. 🤌🏼 I don't even dislike the brands anymore because I've found their products adorable (especially during sale season) and I've had a very good experience so far. I literally couldn't care less is they copied packaging tbh. All I want is a product that works for me that I can afford.

  18. You have to give it to her for not putting up a clickbaity crying thumbnail, holding back her tears, not going into any details or shading anyone and not making the whole video a self pity/self sympathy narrative like most youtubers would have. When she spoke about being from a broken family herself and not wanting her child to have an unhealed mother that really hit hard! Kudos to her for handling things so well man. I can't imagine dealing with any one of all these and pick myself up and function normally.

  19. " I'm crowd funding so that I don't have to use my privilege and fame to make a movie." * uses instagram and asks other fellow famous celeb kids to promote and ask for money *

  20. Reading your old post and this post it feels like the universe is giving you back to back signs to get the hell out of there 🫡

  21. Rexona under arm roll on - they have 3 variants, I prefer the blue one

  22. I saw shweta vijay and one more youtuber who did the same. But don't know who implemented this idea first.

  23. How frequently do you use this? Every time you wash or once in a week?

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