A Karen recording herself have a very public meltdown

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Oh no I have her phone number as well and we’ve FaceTimed trust me I’m not that stupid😂 well maybe a little bit

  2. Real people can still scam you. All she has to do is delete or block your contact after receiving the money, and not show up.

  3. Nope! Giant crimson flag. She's going to take your money and probably not show up. Honestly if she doesn't even have money for gas for a date, she's going to be asking you for more and more in the future. Just run now.

  4. The only problem with this is that the whole "ground handling" thing doesn't really work if the pilots can't see you.

  5. Overconfidence like this is what kills people lol. Remember folks, whenever you're in the ocean you're not in control no matter how much you think you know or can do. You're always at the mercy of the ocean and all it takes is one wrong turn or bad luck to realize that.

  6. I just had a shit day and Thai is the first thing that brought a smile to my face and even made me laugh. Thank you.

  7. Thai is pretty good. Shame there's not many Thai places around where I live.

  8. Me neither. A lot of patients ask if I'm married, which may be a polite way of questioning my sexuality I suppose. I do get called doctor a lot or asked if I'm going to "continue school" to become one.

  9. Hmmm last time I was a patient I didn’t make a problem for the nurse they also didn’t even know I was a nurse?

  10. Yes I never bring it up unless it comes up in conversation and I have no way out of it. I never want to be "that patient"

  11. I recently had a nurse bring her very elderly mother into the ER for a bunch of problems. Went to put in an IV and she insisted that I needed to get the IV team because she has "no veins." She said "I'm not saying you don't have skills, she just has no veins, you need an expert to do this." She made me so uncomfortable. I look at this woman's arms and she has two fat sewer pipe ACs that I hit easily. The daughter says to me "I was testing you. You passed." ??????

  12. I’m in nursing school, and we literally today were lectured on the 11 rights.

  13. They keep increasing the rights lol. When I was in school, they were 6.

  14. New obsession with bi men? You make it sound like it's some kind of fad that people choose to get involved with.

  15. Yes, sometimes they even leave the likes from people you already swiped left on.

  16. It's definitely a nice outfit. It's hard to fumble bodycon dresses.

  17. This MF looks like he is 2 PRBC and an iron infusion away from room 20 in a SNF.

  18. Looks like a domestic shorthair calico bread. Very tasty and can be spicy too. She's adorable.

  19. It most likely is going to be a drug that you'll need a prescription for. If you can get a doctor to prescribe one, you should be able to have it filled at a pharmacy.

  20. Not too late. You can still take it back. Old owners are probably worried about it and it's probably for their new house. When I moved into my new place, I still kept getting packages and mails for the old owners for about a month.

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