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  1. This was kind of a drunken Thanksgiving impulse purchase but after seeing it in person, I’m completely sold. The dial is mesmerizing and I love the minimalist flat grey finish of the case and bracelet. The only way I could improve it would be with an see-through exhibition case back but I still love it. Perfect size, comfortable bracelet, accurate movement… great watch all around.

  2. Sounds like your watch suffers from a known issue that was prevalent in the early 3861 movements. Omega has fixed it with an updated bushing, so you’ll either need to send it in for warranty repair or see if your dealer will swap it with a new watch.

  3. Thanks dude. It’s been a safe queen for a while so I’ve finally decided to let it go.

  4. WTB $400 or less automatic watch (Seiko, Hamilton, Oris, Orient, etc.). Bonus if it has a leather strap and an eggshell/white face.

  5. This is a known issue with the early 3861 models that will require a service by Omega to be fixed. See my comment

  6. HK didn’t renew USPs this year so they fell off the roster in March.

  7. Ugh, can’t believe they’re still in stock. Would snag one in a heartbeat if they were US-based.

  8. If you’re willing to send the money upfront, and pay the export + delivery fees I’d happily send one across. I’ve sent a few watches stateside now, so I’m familiar with all of the paperwork for getting them over there and everything.

  9. Thanks, that’s very generous of you but I think I’m going to wait until I can get one in person or ordered domestically, as it’s a large purchase for me so the international shipping would make me nervous. Also thinking I could wait until they are more widely available to take a little trip to Oregon where they don’t have sales tax.

  10. Volunteered there all day. Event was PACKED. First time they had food trucks so that seemed to add to the crowds.

  11. Wild that they haven’t had this happens since the pandemic started when arguably its one of the safest community events possible re: airflow.

  12. The nonprofit that puts it on (Bike Santa Cruz County) couldn’t afford to organize it because of loss of funding for staff, but they’re finally building back up.

  13. Awesome event that closes West Cliff Drive to car traffic so that people can bike, walk and play in the streets. Tons of awesome community organizations, live music and food trucks too. First one since 2019 so come on out! 9am-2pm.

  14. 32 y/o dude here. My girlfriend and I work at UCSC and are down with all those things. I also snooped your post history a bit and think we have a shared interest or two. Holler if you wanna grab a drink sometime.

  15. Can’t fucking wait, this is going to be nuts.

  16. Seeing them open for Viagra Boys in Santa Cruz. Such a hilarious lineup, can’t fucking wait.

  17. What a memorable experience for that guy, once in a lifetime.

  18. Matt’s mischievous smile as he’s purposefully adding Tantalizer to the Zoom is hilarious

  19. It doesn’t matter at all, the new DROS will just have whatever the current configuration is on there. Not like they’re looking at your old DROS when you’re selling a firearm anyways.

  20. Do you think the model name will/should be recorded as a P365 or as a P365xl?

  21. In all likelihood it just doesn’t matter but the FFL will probably want to stick with the model name it was purchased as.

  22. Damn, that’s a bummer… I have so many 20mm straps that’d id like to use with it.

  23. Yea it's annoying. I also have an Omega FOIS which is 19 😂. It makes it really annoying to find straps. Luckily it comes with the rubber strap so whatever. The bracelet, being titanium, is really light and comfortable. So I probably will just keep it on that the majority of the time.

  24. Yeah that bracelet looks perfect so I’d likely just stick with that anyway.

  25. Yes you can. In fact, buy and bring as many off roster pistols as you can. Just no threaded barrels or mags over 10rds.

  26. (Pasting description here) Just got an MCC today. It looks absolutely stunning but the rotor is LOUD! It took me a bit to notice, but the minute I shook my arm to adjust where the strap sat on my wrist (eg to move it down my wrist) the rotor was whirring like crazy. It’s also noticeable even when I bring the watch up to check the time, and when I tap the watch. I’ve read that ceramic bearings tend to be a bit loud, but this is kind of on another level (eg my girlfriend heard it from 15 ft away while we had some music playing). Is this expected? I’ll include a video of the sound it makes in a comment as well.

  27. That does seem abnormally loud. I’d definitely take it to a Jaeger AD to have them check it out and compare to others.

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