1. Yes you can. In fact, buy and bring as many off roster pistols as you can. Just no threaded barrels or mags over 10rds.

  2. (Pasting description here) Just got an MCC today. It looks absolutely stunning but the rotor is LOUD! It took me a bit to notice, but the minute I shook my arm to adjust where the strap sat on my wrist (eg to move it down my wrist) the rotor was whirring like crazy. It’s also noticeable even when I bring the watch up to check the time, and when I tap the watch. I’ve read that ceramic bearings tend to be a bit loud, but this is kind of on another level (eg my girlfriend heard it from 15 ft away while we had some music playing). Is this expected? I’ll include a video of the sound it makes in a comment as well.

  3. That does seem abnormally loud. I’d definitely take it to a Jaeger AD to have them check it out and compare to others.

  4. I put together my first rifle last month and it was exceptionally simple. If you can build a PC then you’ll have no problem, just search for AR15 assembly videos on YouTube. I started with a stripped

  5. That’s the length of the hand guard, the barrel is 16”.

  6. What slide is that? I have a Life Free Armory slide on my G19 but it’s a little more angular than the stock one and I’m worried it won’t fit well. Yours looks great though.

  7. Id love to go, but I have a job. Who the fuck schedules something like this for mid-day friday?

  8. Yeah something’s fishy… OP and one other person congratulate some guy who was even entered, before the bot even made the call?

  9. You’re clearly new here. Nothing fishy happened, please look at the bot call.

  10. Not new here, and simply wondering why two people, including the OP, congratulated some random person before the bot call was made.

  11. Steve Crisp at Midtown Guitar on Soquel. He is hands down the best. Not the best turnaround time because he is so busy but we'll worth the wait. I have taken all of my guitars to him and only him.

  12. Seconding this. Steve has been doing this for decades and is definitely the best tech in the region.

  13. How much did it cost? I've been meaning to do this since I was 21.

  14. The guns we shot and most others are $50/magazine. Fancier stuff like P90s or the minigun are more though. They’ll also give you a free pickup/drop off at your hotel in a Humvee which was cool. You can check out the full menu at

  15. Hell yeah man, you’ll love it. I’ll definitely be going back.

  16. Check the third pic. There was a defect on the right mounting screw post.

  17. Can you link the parts you’re thinking about using? Building my first AR soon and would love to do this as well.

  18. Yeah, will just need the XL barrel and recoil spring too.

  19. This actually isn’t true. The majority of states allow possession of machine guns if you go through the proper ATF permitting process.

  20. Can't post image here , but as soon as the live stream stops you see the browser of the guy who screenrecorded it. Tabs are saying "Sig sauer" , "Sig sauer lower parts " "completion kit" and "body armor". That's nothing you've open in your browser while you "accidentally"stumble across a live stream of a shooting.

  21. Daily Stormer is on there too. Dude was definitely in on it.

  22. I think you’re fine. I did a PPT through Turner’s a few weeks ago and called them a couple hours before my 10 days were up to see if it should be clear before taking the hour long drive, and they said mine was pending and wouldn’t change until the time was up. Got there 10 mins after the time was up and it was good to go.

  23. If you don’t like the white lettering on the Holosun logo you should try the aluminum black trick

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